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Very Useful Information About Podgorica

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podgoricaArea: 1500 km²
Position: Northern part of Zeta valley
Altitude sea-level: 44,5 m
Geographical coordinates: 42˚26’ N, 19˚16’ E
Population: 187 085
Language: Montenegrin
Currency: euro € Climate: at 120 metres above sea level (lower valley of Moraca river) – Mediterranean climate at 600 metres above sea level (upper valley of Moraca river) – low-mountain climate
In the Tara Canyon – mountain climate
Over 1,000 metres above sea level – higher-mountain climate

Average number of sunny days: roughly 135 (air temp. above 25˚C)
Average number of rainy days: 118
Average number of snowy days: 3
Rainfall: 1544 mm
Relative air humidity: 59,67
Average air temperature: 16,4˚C

Archaeological sites:  Duklja and Medun

Churches: St.George (11th century )
Mosques: Osmanagica (18th century ), remains of Doganjska (16th century)
Monasteries: Dajbabe, Ćelija Piperska...)
Ribnica Fortification (Ribnica estuary - year 1474)
Stara Varoš (monument complex)

Lake Skadar monument complex: cultural and historical monuments from different eras (prehistoric, ancient, mediæval...)

Picnic places: hill Gorica, hill Ljubović, park-forest Zlatica, Plavnica, Mareza, Tološka forest
Lakes: Skadar lake, Bukumir lake, Rikavac lake
Rivers: Morača, Zeta, Ribnica, Cijevna, Sitnica, Matica
Beaches: Galeb, Plocice, Sastavci (River Moraca), Vranjske njive (River Zeta), Niagara (River Cijevna)

Time zone: GTM + 1 H
Mains electricity: 220 V/50 HZ 



Welcome  to Podgorica


The capital of Montenegro is a beautiful and modern city, its citizens straightforward, hearty and easygoing. The extraordinary geographic position and mild climate, the city centre containing all the facilities of a state hub, make Podgorica a marvellous destination.

It has for centuries been a crossroad of paths and people, connecting old and new, traditional and modern; its asset being nature preserved in the city and the surroundings, and the closeness of amazing natural riches – four national parks and the Adriatic Sea.

In the proximity of the city, the thrill of the Morača and Cijevna canyons, the calm of Zeta and Sitnica rivers, the beaches and cane fields of Skadar lake, reflections of mountain peaks in the lakes of Bukumir and Rikavac, not to mention the freshness and healthiness of the surrounding hills and mountains.

The very city, although among the hottest in Europe, is rich in verdure. Up to one thousand two hundred different floral species find their habitat here. It is therefore recommended to visit the city in the company of a close person, and share the joy of a fresh morning next to the river of Ribnica, or bathing under the moon in the river of Morača.

The special something of Podgorica is also found in the patina of the city center – with its authentic architecture and the riches of cultural heritage. One of the peculiarities is surely the beauty of its citizens and their specific charm.

The people of Podgorica have always cherished the cult of being nicely dressed, and it adds to their charm. Come and be convinced of the hospitality and variety of their city!

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