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Directions to Montenegro Hostel Podgorica

Montenegro Hostel Ltd

tel. + 382 69 039 751, e-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com






Map of  Montenegro Hostel Podgorica

This is direction to the Montenegro Hostel Podgorica 

Adress: Radoja Jovanovića 52 ( new address is Spasa Nikolića 52)

Please, for navigation use old name of the street Radoja Jovanovića 52.

Hostel is 900 meters far from bus/railway station. When you exit bus or train station go to Mitar Bakić boulevard (20 meters from the entrance to the bus station building), then turn right and go 20 meters straight ahead to the spot where boulevard crosses the Boulevard of October Revolution. On that crossroad go left (down the street)and follow the October Revolution Street for 250 m until you reach the first traffic lights where you should cross the street and continue straight for 200 m more to the connection with King Nikola's Street. You should see the clock tower, one of the architecturally most important buildings, built in 18th century back when the Turkish empire ruled Podgorica.
Don't cross the street but turn right and follow King Nikola's street, and after about 150 m you will see on your right side a modern building which is Hotel Nikic, specific for it's blue color and glass facade, and lots of flags in front. When you arrive in front of Hotel Nikic cross the main street which has four lanes. On the other side you should see grill fast food Anmar, turn right for few meters and then follow the first street on the left. The name of the street is Gojka Radonjica. After about 150 m you will see an old Mosque built in 15th century with a water pump in front. Continue straight for approximately 100 m more and on your left (on your right you should see Moraca river) you will see a stone wall with a wide gate with our sign with the number 52.
If you take the taxi tell the taxi driver address Radoja Jovanovica 52 because the street Spasa Nikolica is brand new and a lot of taxi drivers know only the old address. Taxi costs up to 2 euros from the main bus or train station to the hostel.
If you want to pay from 1-2 euros for taxi, take only taxi WITH STARTING NUMBERS  19.. because all those taxi cars are very cheap. 
Those taxi cars are parked just a little further from the main entrance from the bus station. Don't pay more than 2 euros per ride.
Or, when you arrive to the hostel, and if the taxi driver charges more than 2 euros, go to the reception and the staff will solve the problem.
Or, you can give the taxi driver our phone number 069 255 501 or if you call from your phone 0038269255501, and my staff will take care about your taxi ride and price.

Airport is located 10 km from Podgorica. 

If you want pick up from airport, that service will cost you up to 7 euros per car ( maximum 4 persons).

Just send us on e-mail ( montenegrohostel@gmail.com) your name, flight details and time when you will lend, and the taxi driver with the paper and your name on it will wait you on Arrivals at the airport.

When you come, you can call owner Gordana (phone number 0038269039751) or you can call reception (phone number 0038269255501), but it should not be any problem to find us:)

Montenegro Hostel Team


 Montenegro Hostel Team



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