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Montenegro Hostel Ltd

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m_Podgorica20nocuPodgorica is the capital and the largest city of Montenegro.
Podgorica's favorable position at the confluence of the 4 rivers Ribnica, Moraca, Zeta and Cijevna, and the meeting point of the fertile Zeta Plain and Bjelopavlici Valley has encouraged settlement.
It is administrative center of Montenegro and its economic, cultural and educational focus.
Podgorica is one of the most undiscovered capitals of Europe.
Therefore come and discover it by yourself.

Dear Guests,

When you come in lovely Montenegro Hostel Podgorica, you can expect following facilities and services.

m backpacker 4Every guest that comes to our hostel obtains a flyer with numbered map of the city of Podgorica as well as flyer with all the explanations “Where to go and what to do in Podgorica”.

Every guest obtains a sojourn certificate in Montenegro Hostel in Podgorica, tourist tax receipt and bill.

The guests obtain all the keys necessary: hostel front door keys, room key, and locker key.

podgoricaArea: 1500 km²
Position: Northern part of Zeta valley
Altitude sea-level: 44,5 m
Geographical coordinates: 42˚26’ N, 19˚16’ E
Population: 187 085
Language: Montenegrin
Currency: euro €

The Shrine of the Resurrection
Shrine is dedicated to the Resurrection and the largest Orthodox Christian shrine in Montenegro. It is located in part of Podgorica called Momišići. The construction of the Shrine begun in 1993. and it is still in progress. The founding stone was laid by the Russian patriarch Aleksey. The impressive architectural structure is dominated by golden crosses, which were a present and a donation from Russia.

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