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Perast is 11 km away from Kotor. Local Blue Line bus departs are every 30 minutes from the  main bus station. Ticket price is 1,5 euro. In the high season, if you are going by car, you will have to park in front of the town entrance, and go on by foot. Parking is around 2 euros. In order to see hand made island Lady of the Rocks, take a taxi boat from the main dock in dock in Perast. Return ticket is charged 1 euro. Boats depart to the island every 10-15 minutes. Entrance to the church with the English speaking tour guide costs 2 euro. Church tour with detailed explanations of all its sights lasts about 30-45 minutes. In Perast, there is only one beach for swimming named Borici and it is located on the very entrance to the town. Beach is actually a concrete plateau, because there isvery few sandy beaches in bay of Boka Kotorska. Perast is exclusive tourist spot in the Bay, so the prices can be a bit higher than in Kotor.

NOTE: No matter how good swimmer you are, it is strictly forbidden to swim from Perast to the islands Lady of The Stones and st. George, as well as swimming across the Bay on any spot.




Hiking outside of the walls of the Old Town to Lovcen National Park

This hiking lasts about 6 hours and presents unforgettable experience. Photographs of Boka Kotorska Bay during this hiking are unique. Hiking start is near the bridge on the northern entrance to the Old Town. Near Mediteran Club restaurant you will see first signs for the hiking trail that leads you straight to Lovćen National partk or Ivanova Korita resort.

The trail is safe and moderately difficult. Beside the gear you will need to climb all the way to the top, it is very important for you to notify the hostel receptionist of your intentions of hiking outside the city walls, and bring the cell phone, so you can make emergency calls.

Accidents can happen only if you overrate your abilities, in case of high temperatures which can be up to 40 degrees Celsius, or for not bringing enough water.  When you reach Ivanova Korita, rest for a while, have lunch in one of the restaurants, and then take a taxi to Cetinje which costs about 10 euros. If you do not see taxi in vicinity, kindly ask restaurant manager to call it for you. Return to Kotor by bus from Cetinje. Bus ticket is about 5 euro. Our advice is not to climb and descend the same trail because it is too exhaustive, takes too much time, and the nightfall might catch you.

If you want to go on this hiking with professional guide, Montenegro Hostel will organize it for you.




Blue Horizons and Oblatno Beach are very attractive beaches, which will remind you on tropical beaches. This beach, and some very attractive beaches as well, are located on Luštica peninsula which is 15 km away from Kotor. Blue Horizons are a hotel complex with sport terrains, and is

Also a big beach, sandy in its central section, rocky from the sides, and fully decorated with a walking path. Here is a big restaurant with very favorable food prices. To get to Blue Horizons, take Blue Line bus which departs from the main bus station in Kotor. Ticket price is 2 euros. Near the Blue Horizons beach, there is very popular Oblatno beach, which is a party beach which will remind you on the similar beaches on Ibiza. Once you reach the Blue Horizons you will see a sign that points you to Oblatno beach, known for the performances of numerous world famous DJ-s and all night parties. Entrance to Blue Horizons is charged 2 euros. Beach fittings are not mandatory, but in case you want to rent, you will pay the price according to the price list on the beach. Entrance to Oblatno beach is free of charge.


 Boka Kotorska Bay boat tour


This tour is unique and very popular. It lasts all day, and Boka Kotorska can be seen in its entirety, along with pass through the famous Blue Cave, as well as stops for swimming on the attractive Žanjice beach which, is located on Luštica peninsula. Boat that makes this tour is called Vesna and departs at 9 am (in the morning) from the main dock in Tivat. Kotor is 11 km away from Tivat, and buses for Tivat depart every 15 minutes from the main bus station in Kotor. Bus ticket price is 1.5 euro. On the bus station it is very important for you  to note the cashier that you want a bus ride to Tivat via Vrmac tunnel, because it is a shorter route. Some buses use different and longer route around Vrmac mountain which lasts about 30 minutes. Tivat is a small town, and you will find main dock easily. Boat Vesna is big tour boat, and you will quickly spot it in the harbor. Price of the one-way ticket is 15 euros. On the return, Vesna boat will stop in Kotor in the main harbor, which is located across the way of the Old Town. You will disembark here. Trip lasts till 6 pm (18:00).




If you want to spend an active vacation in Kotor, you have all kinds of aquatic sport activities at your disposal: kayaking, diving, sailing etc. All necessary information about prices and conditions of use are easily obtained on tourist information desk in front of the old town. Kotor has the biggest discotheque in Montenegro, Maximus.


All caffes, beach bars and open-air clubs work up to 1 AM. Alcohol consumption on the street is allowed. You can buy alcohol and cigarettes in any shop, duty free shop or newsstand. Some shops in Kotor work non-stop, and some till midnight. Entrance to the outdoor clubs and beach bars is free unless a music star is performing. Price of the entry ticket to discotheques or indoor clubs ranges from 3 to 10 euros. Price of the entry ticket if DJ or band is performing varies from 5-20 euros. Beverage cost varies: beer from 1.5-3 euros, strong drink from 1.5 to 5 euros, cocktails from 5 to 10 euros.

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