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Montenegro Hostel Ltd

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Property is very easy to find because it is located only 100 meters from the main Sea gate on western side.

Enter on the main gate of the old town, go straight 70 meters, pass Hotel Vardar on the right side, pass pizzeria Pronto on the right side, go straight to the Hotel Duomo and then turn left.

There are Square of Maritime Museum and building of Maritime Museum.

Maritime Museum in the middle of the Old Town Kotor.

Montenegro Hostel is on the first floor in the old building with single balcony 5 meters right from the main door of museum.

Hostel has a view of the museum and the square in front of the museum.

When you come to the museum, look at Pizzeria Piazza and caffe bar Portobello which are located on square in front of the museum.

Enter through the gate between Pizzeria Piazza and caffe Portobello, pass through the hall, go up the first stairs on the left to the first floor. This is Montenegro Hostel reception.

You can just ask in caffe Portobello to help you, they will show you up on the balcony 1meter above caffe where is reception.

Should not be any problem to find us :)


The bus station is situated 200 meters from the Old Town.

Airport is located 4 km from Kotor.

When you come, you can call owner Gordana (phone number 0038269039751) or you can call reception (phone number 0038269270510), but it should not be any problem to find us:)

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