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If you are coming for the first time in Montenegro you should know the reasons to stay in Kotor and Budva, the most popular cities on the Montenegrin coast. We believe you have read or heard some information about Montenegro, which aroused your curiosity to come to this small and still undiscovered country.
We will not repeat things you already know, we will tell you things that can provide you with a full comprehensive impression of what to expect when you come here.
We'll be honest, and you can use a guestbook and tell us if we were wrong.

You can arrive only by bus or car in Kotor. Airport in Tivat is 4 km far away from Kotor. Capital city Podgorica is 90 km far away from Kotor. Royal capital city Cetinje is 50 km far away from Kotor. Skadar Lake is 70 km far away from Kotor. City Ulcinj is 100 km far away from Kotor. Any Red Taxi in Kotor is very cheap.
Price tickets to airoprt by taxi is around 10 euros, taxi from Old Town to the other destinations in Kotor around 3 euros, bus ticket to Perast is 1.5 euro, Cetinje is 5 euros, bus ticket to Budva 2.5-3 euros, bus ticket to Podgorica and Bar around 7 euros, bus ticket to Dubrovnik is around 15 euros, bus ticket to Belgarde and Sarajevo is around 25 euros.
NOTE: Montenegro Hostel accommodation Kotor is 700 m away from main bus station.

Rooms and location
When you arrive at the bus station in Kotor, especially in the summer season, a lot of people will offer rooms and suites at different prices.
Some prices may be very low.It is your decision whether to follow them or not.
But remember that the locations in the old town and the area near the Old Town cannot be very cheap.
Kotor has largest Old Town on Montenegrin coastline, and all events in the city are held within the city walls.
If the price of room is very low, this means that the location is far from the old town, no matter what the owners of the rooms tell you on the bus-station.
Our advice is to take legal accommodation always.

NOTE: You can find Montenegro Hostel accommodation Kotor flyers on the tourist info points in front of the Old Town Kotor.
In case you did not book accommodation in our hostel, you can kindly ask the staff at the tourist info points to give you a map with directions to our accommodation.
Montenegro Hostel is very friendly with Tourist Organization Kotor and they support our hostel as much as they can to help anyone who want to come in Kotor and stay in our accommodation.
On the left is logo of Tourist Organization Kotor.

Parking on public places in Kotor is charged 24 hours, every day in week. Our advice is to always pay for parking because otherwise the tow truck will remove your car. Penalty for improper parking is 90 euros. Price for parking is from 0.50 euros to 1.20 euros by hour.
NOTE: Parking is free only on the streets around Old Town. There is small free parking near the northern entrance to the old town. Don't try to find it by yourself. If you come by a car, park it on the legal parking, and find hostel first. When you find the hostel, staff will show you where is free parking near the hostel.


Our advice is that you choose a location in the Old Town only if you want a good nightlife. Night-life in Kotor is well-known because of the famous discotheque Maximus. It was one of the largest and most famous discotheques on the Adriatic coast (Croatia and Montenegro). Kotor is quite noisy, because of the numerous clubs, open air bars, cafes and discotheques. Be prepared for loud music until 1 hour after midnight. It might be difficult going to sleep. It is particularly noisy in the Old Town where there are dorms and rooms of Montenegro Hostel. Some of dorms and privates are in quiet part of the old town Kotor. Music is playing in public places up to 1 hour after midnight  from the 1-st of May to 28-th of October.


There are no sandy beaches in Kotor. The beaches are much smaller than in Budva, but there are many small docks characteristic of Boka Kotorska Bay. Sea is not always the cleanest in the high season due to the large number of ships, but it is clean enough for swimming.
Food and drink prices in Kotor are different in the bars and restaurants.
There are cheap and expensive restaurants around the old town or in the old town or on the promenade.
Our advice to you is to check prices before you sit down to eat or drink.
Prices are usually very prominent and visible.

There is no street crime in Kotor, but when summer comes, many beggars from other countries come and beg. No need to have a fear of street gangs because it does not exist in Montenegro, but watch out for your stuff on the beach or while walking down the street when is a big crowd.
You can have an unforgettable holiday in Kotor, but watch out for some things:
1. Do not exaggerate with drunkenness and do not make noise in the street especially after 1 hour after midnight, because someone will probably call the police.
2. If you try to get in touch with local girls do not do that rough as it may cause anger of local guys who will protect them.
3. Avoid nighttime swimming or any risky activities especially  if you are drunk.


The local people in Montenegro are friendly and relaxed.
Boys and girls are very attractive, they like to go out, and when they do, they behave normally.
You cannot get into problem with them, except in rare occasions.
Animosity towards foreigners does not exist in Montenegro.
Tourists from cruisers are the most numerous foreign tourists in Kotor, and after them there are a lot of tourists from England, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy.
Tourists from Serbia were also numerous, and are traditionally excellent guests.

Kotor is a specific city in which not all is perfect or ideal, but on the other hand it offers a lot of things that you haven’t experienced in other resorts. Do not be too cynical and wreck your holidays in Kotor by comparing it with things you are accustomed at home.
Just relax and enjoy.
Every day, you can choose another beach in Bokakotorska Bay, where there are fantastic well-equipped bars, and sunbathe and swim in our clear sea.
Have lunch in some of the many seafood restaurants or try our national barbecue, then go out into the nightlife.
You can dance and enjoy yourself everywhere.

Highly recommend the following bars and clubs:

1. Evergreen club ( garden, rock music, jazz music  5 m from Montenegro Hostel)
2. Portobello bar ( garden, house music, below the Montenegro Hostel)
3. Irish Pub ( garden, dance and rock music, 30m from Montenegro Hostel)
4. Schoprion bar ( garden, house music, 30 m from Montenegro Hostel)
5. Karampana bar ( garden, dance and folk music, 10 m from Montenegro Hostel)
6. Marinaio ( garden, house, funky, jazz music, 10 m from Montenegro Hostel)
7. Cesare ( garden, house, rock and folk music, 70 m from Montenegro Hostel)
8. San Giovanni ( garden, house music, 70 m from Montenegro Hostel)
9.  Maximus lounge bar ( garden, house music, 70 m from Montenegro Hostel)
10. Maximus discotheque ( house and folk music, 70 m from Montenegro Hostel)

We hope you'll have a pleasant holidays in Kotor.
Montenegro Hostel Team

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