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Very Useful Information About Budva

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Logo opstine budvaIf you are visiting Montenegro for the first time then you should start from Budva or Kotor, the most popular cities on Montenegrin coast. We believe you have read or heard some information about Montenegro which have aroused your curiosity to come to our beautiful country rich with numerous beaches, high mountines, lakes and rivers, where you can enjoy delicious food and smiles of new friends you'll meet on your journey. We are here to offer the best service and to provide most accurate info for your travel thrue Montenegro. 





autobuska stanica 2To city of Budva you can arrive by bus or car (taxi).There are two airports close to Budva. Tivat airport is 25km away and Podgorica airport is 65km away from Budva.   There is only one main bus station in Budva. If you are arriving by train from Serbia nearest train station is in Bar, that is 45km away from Budva. If you need transfer from/to airports in Montenegro, Dubrovnik airport in Croatia, Tirana airport in Albania or city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina our company can provide full service. If you need taxi when you arrive in Budva choose those with number sticker on doors starting with 19###, they should provide the best price.


NOTE: Montenegro Hostel Budva is located in center of the Old town of Budva offering hostel dorm accommodation, private rooms, tours and transfers in Montenegro and surrounding countryes. We are here to help you make the best memories from our country.


Rooms and Location

m Panorama Budve 3


When you arrive at the bus station in Budva, especially in the summer season, a lot of people will offer rooms and suites at different prices. Some prices may be very low. It is your decision whether to follow them or not.

But remember that the locations in the Old Town Budva and the area near the sea cannot be cheap. The difference in location in Budva is of great importance. If the price is very low, this means that the location is far from the beach or  the Old Town, no matter what the owners of the rooms tell you at the bus-station. Our advice is to check  at tourist info points of Tourism Organization of Municipality of Budva.


logo TOB-a

 Tourism Organization of Municipality of Budva has two permanent information centres located in the Old Town, at 28 Njegoseva St. (near Montenegro Hostel Budva) and right outside the Town Hall. Between May and October, a number of seasonal info desks are open at the Budva Bus Station, at the business centre opposite the Lugovi Stadium, in Rafailovici, Przno, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac and Buljarica. The information centres offer visitors free tourist maps of the town, brochures and promotional material about the tourism product of Budva, as well as other useful information.

The registration and checking out of guests can be done at all the desks that are currently open.


m parking



Parking on public places in Budva is charged 24 hours, every day in week. Our advice is to always pay for parking because otherwise the tow truck could remove your car. Penalty for improper parking is from 20 to 90 EUR. Price for parking is from 0.30EUR up to 2EUR per hour.

Car park next to city walls of Old town of Budva is only for citizens of the Old town and delivery vehicles. 
Nearest public car park is 100m away from Old town.







What to do

Budva nocni zivot


Once you've arrived to Budva you will realize that day has as many fun and party options as night. Our advice is that you should choose a location in the Old Town to be in a center of the best nightlife in Montenegro and further. Budva has probably the most famous beaches in Montenegro. Beaches for all kinds of taste, party, family, cosmopolitan beaches, nude and remote ones and even beaches just by the Old town, sandy and rocky, with sun beds, umbrellas, water sports and numerous beach bars and restaurants. During the night Budva is quite noisy, because of the numerous clubs, open air bars, cafes and discotheques full of people, mostly young, parading in elegant high fashion, drinking coctails, dancing with the spinning tunes of the world's best DJs and musicians. In open bars,restaurants and clubs music is alowed till 01am, after that                                                            you can continue to enjoy in some of night clubs that are open till morning hours. 




Tm richardova plazahere are many beautiful sandy beaches in Budva, and sea is generally very clean around all of beaches. Only in very high season, water can be dirty sometimes, but it's rare. Deck chairs and umbrellas are not free. Prices are more or less the same, about 10 euros for two sunbeds and an umbrella. All the beaches on Montenegrin Coast are free for use.
NOTE: Main building of Montenegro Hostel accommodation Budva is 20 meters away from famous Richard beach ( main beach in the Old Town).
Building with private rooms is also 20 meters from famous Pizana beach (most popular beach in the Old Town)
The world famous beach "Mogren" is only 150 meters away from all two Montenegro Hostel buildings in the Old Town Budva.

Restaurants and Bars

m restoranFood and drink prices in Budva are different in various bars and restaurants.
There are cheap and expensive restaurants around the old town or in the old town or on the promenade. Our advice to you is to check prices before you sit down to eat or drink. Prices are usually very prominent and visible. In many restaurants food is very delicious and the portions are very big. Average price list for meat menu is from 7-15 euros, and for fish menu form 10-20 euros. 1 kg of fish 1st category is from 40-50 euros.  1 kg of lobster is around 100 euros. Hamburger is 2.5 euros, gyros 3 euros, pizza around 5-7 euros, spaghetti 5-7 euros, domestic meal around 4-5 euros, soup 2-3 euros, salad 1.5-3 euros etc. Coffee is 1 euro ( domestic or espresso), juice 2-3 euros, mineral water 1.5 euros, beer 2-3 , wiski 2.5-4, Loza brandy 1-1.5 euros, wine glasses around 2 euros, cocktail 5-12 euros.

m menu za restoranNOTE: Montenegro Hostel provides breakfast, lunch or dinner at their guests wish in one of the most notable restaurants in the Old Town called “Feral” located only 30 meters from the hostel. Prices of breakfast varies from 1.5 euros ( basic) , 2 euros ( middle size) or 3 euros ( King size).
Lunch or dinner cost 5 euros (meat menu), while fish menu is 7 euros.
Menu includes: soup, salad, bread, main course ( domestic meal). Portions for breakfast and lunch are not limited and you can eat as much as you want. Professional service in restaurant is included in price.


m Budva nocu 5There is no street crime in Budva, but when summer comes, many beggars from other countries come and beg. No need to have a fear of street gangs because it does not exist in Montenegro, but watch out for your stuff on the beach or while walking down the street when is a big crowd.
You can have an unforgettable holiday in Budva, but watch out for some things:
1. Do not exaggerate with drunkenness and do not make noise in the street especially after 1 hour after midnight, because someone will probably call the police.
2. If you try to get in touch with local girls do not do that rough as it may cause anger of local guys who will protect them.
3. Avoid nighttime swimming or any risky activities especially  if you are drunk.
NOTE: Montenegro Hostel accommodation Budva cooperates with local police who cares about the safety of guests at the hostel.
In very high season Montenegro Hostel hires security from midnight to 8 o'clock in the morning.



Tm Crnogorka i Crnogorache local people in Montenegro are friendly and relaxed. Boys and girls are very attractive, they are very like to go out and behave normally. You can not get into any problem with them except in rare exceptions.
Animosity towards foreigners does not exist in Montenegro. Russians are the most numerous foreign tourists in Budva, and after them there are a lot of tourists from England, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy. Tourists from Serbia were also numerous, and are traditionally excellent guests.




m Muzicki festival budvaBudva is a specific city in which not all is perfect or ideal, but on the other hand it offers a lot of things that you haven’t experienced in other resorts. Do not be too cynical and wreck your holidays in Kotor by comparing it with things you are accustomed at home.
Just relax and enjoy.
Budva is city filled with entertainment : Big Carnival in May, Music Festival in June, City Theatre in July and August, many concerts for free in front of the Old Town, world famous DJs in discotheques and live music everywhere
The whole city is open stage.
Every day, you can choose another beach, where there are fantastic well-equipped bars, and sunbathe and swim in our clear sea.
Have lunch in some of the many seafood restaurants or try our national barbecue, then go out into the nightlife.
You can dance and enjoy yourself everywhere.

NOTE: Because of the good nightlife and top location near beach, many guests extend their staying in Montenegro Hostel in Budva. That is reason why we are overbooked almost whole summer. Almost 90% of guests extend their stay as longer as they can. Count on it that you'll probably want to stay longer and try to book more than one day in Montenegro Hostel in Budva.

Highly recommended beaches:

m plaza lucice petrovac1. Famous Richard's beach with open air bar (house music all day, 20 m from Montenegro Hostel)
2. Famous Pizana beach with Maša open air bar and restaurant (house music, 50 m from main building of Montenegro Hostel)
3. Famous Mogren beach with two open air bars (house music, 150 m from Montenegro Hostel)
4. Famous Slovenska beach with numerous open air bars (different types of music, 100 m from Montenegro Hostel)
5. Famous Jaz beach with numerous open air bars (different types of music, 2 km from Montenegro Hostel)
6. Famous St. Stefan beach with numerous open air bars (different types of music, 5 km from Montenegro Hostel)
7. Trsteno beach with restaurants and caffe bars (beautiful sandy lagoon, 5 km from Montenegro Hostel)
8. Ploče beach with 3 swimming pools, restaurant and caffe bar (rocky beach, 8 km from Montenegro Hostel)


Highly recommended bars and clubs:

Tm Top Hilll 4op Hill (the biggest open air discotheque in Montenegro, electro house and folk music, 3 km from Montenegro Hostel)



m budva-brod-stari grad1. Irish Pub (no garden, rock music, 15 m from Montenegro Hostel)
2. Greco's bar (garden, house and folk music, 2 m from Montenegro Hostel)
3. Jeff bar (garden, house and folk music, 10m from Montenegro Hostel)
4. Mondo club (garden, latino house music, 50 m from Montenegro Hostel)
5. Emporio club(garden, latino house music, 50 m from Montenegro Hostel)
6. Casper club (garden, house, funky, jazz music, 30 m from Montenegro Hostel)
7. Hacijenda lounge bar (garden, house and latino house, 150 m from Montenegro Hostel)
8. Perla lounge bar (no garden, house music, 150 m from Montenegro Hostel)
9. Garden Cafe bar (garden, rock music, 150 m from Montenegro Hostel)
10. Trocadero discotheque (house and folk music, 150 m from Montenegro Hostel)
11. Trocadero open-air club on promenade (live folk music, 500 m from Montenegro Hostel)
12. Ambiente open-air club on promenade (electro house and live folk music, 500 m from Montenegro Hostel)
13. Raffaello open-air club on promenade (electro house, 500 m from Montenegro Hostel)
14. Miami open-air club on promenade (electro house and live music, 500 m far from Montenego Hostel)
15. Kairos open-air club on promenade (live music, 1000 m from Montenegro Hostel)


Highly recommended restaurants:

m restoran Citadela1. Feral (garden, fish restaurant, local cuisine, 30 m from Montenegro Hostel)
2. Charles de Gaulle (Italian and French cuisine, garden, 10 m from Montenegro Hostel)
3. Picasso (garden, italian cuisine, 30 m from Montenegro Hostel)
4. Old Town (garden, fish restaurant, local cuisine, 50 m from Montenegro Hostel)
5. Galeb (terrace, fish restaurant, 50 m from Montenegro Hostel)
6. Hong Kong (Chinese restaurant, garden, 50 meters from Montenegro Hostel)
7. Astoria ( garden, international cuisine, 50 m from Montenegro Hostel)
8. Mogren ( garden, express restaurant, all tipes of dishes, 100 m of Montenegro Hostel)
9. Demižana (garden, fish restaurant, nacional cuisine, 100 m of Montenegro Hostel)
10. Fisherman's Pub ( garden, pizzeria and grill dishes, 100 m of Montenegro Hostel)
11. Porto ( garden, fish restaurant, nacional cuisine, 150 m of Montenegro Hostel)
12. Jadran ( garden, fish restaurant, local cuisine, 200 m of Montenegro Hostel)


We hope you'll have a pleasant holidays in Budva.


Montenegro Hostel Team


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