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Mapa cijele Budve-Pero


If you come from bus station in Budva use any white taxi WITH STARTING NUMBERS  19... to the Old Town because it is very cheap. Only 1,5 euro to the Old Town, maybe 2 euros. You will see that kind of taxis everywhere around bus staton.

White Taxi without numbers in front of bus station will take 5 euros which is too much.

You can walk from bus station to the Old Town. It is only 1 km far away from the bus station, 10-15 minutes of walk.

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When you come to the Old Town go straight to the main gate. Main gate is only one gate on the western side of city wals, 10 meters close to the beach, 20 meters close to the big black hostel Avala made by stone.

Enter through main entrance and go straight 50 meters to the small square ( Square of Poets) where is the only pharmacy in the old town (on the left side).

Pharmacy is in the same building where is the hostel, but the main door of hostel is on the other side of building (you have to go around the building).

Go straight 5 meters (pass Kappa store and Puma store) and then turn left.

Before you turn left you will see caffe bar Greco, caffe bar Jef and ond the right side office of Tourist Organization Budva.

When you turn left you will enter in very small street Vuka Karadzica and hostel is on number 12.

Montenegro Hostel is first door left to the boutique "Prestige" (owner's boutique) and you can enter in boutique and ask for the room if boutique is open.

But, if you decide to turn left in the small street where is pharmacy go straight to the and of the building (you will see Irish pub on the left side) and then turn right and right again.

You will go around the building and you will find hostel very easy.

When you come, you can call owner Gordana (phone number 0038269039751) to help you, but it should not be any problem to find us :)


Montenegro Hostel Team

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