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Sveti Stefan is 5 km away from Budva. Local Olimpia bus stops in front of the Old Town (caffe Perla) departures are every 30 minutes. Ticket price is 1,5 euro. If you are going by car, price of daily parking is 10-15 euro. Left sand beach in front of the hotel is free, and you can swim there for free. Right sand beach is for hotel guests only. Apart from the beach in St. Stefan there are two beaches in Miločer park: King’s and Queen’s Beach, which are reserved for hotel guests only. As well as free beaches Galija and Crvena Glavica, which are reachable through Crvena Glavica camp on St. Stefan. Part of Crvena Glavica beach is nudist. Entrance to the beach is marked with FKK. Prices on St. Stefan Beach are up to 30% higher then on other beaches in Budva.

Jaz Beachis sandy, 2.5 kilometers long, and 3 km away from Budva. Local Olimpia bus goes in that direction every 30 minutes. If you are going by car, price of daily parking is 3 euros. Jaz beach is free, and is full of remarkable beach bars, restaurants,  etc. Apart from Jaz Beach, there are two more beaches, which are very popular. These are Trsteno and Ploče beach. Trsteno beach is sandy. Ploče beach is rocky and has three swimming pools, restaurant and a cafe bar.

Bečići beach is sandy, about 2 km long, and 2 km away from Budva. One part of beach is for hotel guests only, while most part of the beach is free for all. Bečići beach is rich with various content, and stretches all the way to a fisherman village Rafailovići, where excellent beach restaurants are located. On the end of Rafailovići village, famous beach Stijene is located, as well as the tunnel which leads you straight to one of the most popular beach, Kamenovo. On beaches Bečići, Stijene and Kamenovo, sun sets is two hours later than in Budva, which will extend your joy and fun. Parking price varies and is about 1 euro per hour. Many parties are ogranized on Bečići beach during summer season.



Fisherman village Pržno Olimpia bus drives all the way to Pržno by the same schedule as for Sv. Stefan. Little sandy beach in Pržno is free and is very popular among the VIP’s. In this village are the best fish restaurants in Budva municipality. Sv. Stefan is 1 km away from Pržno. Island of Sv. Nikola is the biggest island in Montenegro, 1 nautical mile away from Budva. Local boats that transport the guests to an island are visible in the port. Return ticket is 5 euro. This island is the most popular trip area for the local people.Hiking through the forest on the island is prohibited.

Petrovac is very charming traditional town which belongs to municipality of Budva. It is 18 kilometers away from Budva, and you can reach it by Olimpia bus or any bus which departs from bus station in direction of Bar and Ulcinj. Petrovac has beautiful sandy beaches with pedestrian area and numerous restaurants, sport fields, and summer stage on Castello fort. Near Petrovac (5 kilometers before turn to town center) is one of the most attractive sandy beaches, Drobni Pijesak which, is reachable only if you ask the bus driver to drop you out on the main road near the sign to the beach. If you want to spend an active vacation in Budva, you have all kinds of aquatic sport activities at your disposal: parasailing, bungee jumping, diving, big-game fishing etc. All necessary information about prices and conditions of use you can easily obtain on pedestrian area near Budva marine (port on the map). If you like parties and good night-life Budva is the right place for you. All caffes, beach bars and open-air clubs work up to 1 AM.

Alcohol consumption on the street is allowed. You can buy alcohol and cigarettes in any shop, duty free shop or newsstand. Some shops in Budva work non-stop, and some till midnight. After 1 AM you have several indoor clubs and all-night discotheques: Trocadero 9, Sparta 11, Top Hill 18. Top Hill is the biggest outdoor discotheque in Montenegro, as well as nearby countries. Entrance to the outdoor clubs and beach bars is free unless a music star is performing. Price of the entry ticket to discotheques or indoor clubs ranges from 3 to 10 euros. Price of the entry ticket if DJ or band is perfroming varies from 5-20 euros. Beverage cost varies: beer from 1.5-3 euros, strong drink from 1.5 to 5 euros, cocktails from 5 to 10 euros. Night Life in Budva is most famous in Montenegro in summer season.

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