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Montenegro Hostel Ltd

tel. + 382 69 039 751, e-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com





Dear Guests,

When you come in lovely Montenegro Hostel Budva, you can expect following facilities and services.



Welcome Walk

Every guest that comes to our hostel obtains a flyer with numbered map of the city of Budva and numbered  map of the Old Town of Budva as well as flyer with all the explanations “Where to go and what to do in Budva”.

Upon arrival, every guest gets a 5 minute lead through the Old Town, to see where the most important spots are, and to have easier orientation through the Old Town.

Every guest obtains a sojourn certificate in Montenegro Hostel in Budva, tourist tax receipt and bill.

Credit card payment is also possible.




All the rooms in Budva (private and dorms ) are air-conditioned, every room has its own bathroom and they are all located in the Old Town.

All rooms are equipped with a television and lockers.

The guests  obtain all the keys necessary:  hostel front door keys, room key, and locker key.

Key deposit is 10 euros.




Hostel hygiene is conducted several times daily.

Bathrooms have signed control list and are checked 6 times a day.

Towels and sheets are free to use.

Use of iron or hairdryer is free.

Laundry service with drying is 4 euros.




Discounts and Free Staying

All the guests that stay in our hostel for 6 nights, will get 7th night for free. Likewise, all the guests that did not book accommodation  in our hostels in Kotor and Podgorica, and wish to go there, can make a reservation   directly on the reception or to get flyer of those hostels with which they will realize discount of 10%.

Guests that wish to have safe reservation especially in the high season should not rely on this possibility because of the capacity overbooking.

For those guests we recommend on-line booking reserved on time.

All the guests that wish to change accommodation in within the Montenegro Hostel chain in cities Budva, Kotor  or  Podgorica can realize 7th night for free in any hostel under one condition only: They have to stay continuously 6 nights in our hostels, 2 nights in either hostel (Kotor, Budva, Podgorica).

Number of nights in total is added, and depending in which hostel you stay, in that hostel you will get a free night.




Parking is free and available in the Old Town throughout the whole year except interval between 1st of June and 1st of October when the traffic is forbidden in the zone around the Old Town.

If you are coming by automobile in that interval there is a free parking in the street in the vicinity of the Old Town.



Common Room

Hostel has common room with following content:

- 2 service computers (free for use)

- lounge for 20 people

- video beam for movie projections.

- book exchange and movies DVD collection




Montenegro Hostel in Budva is not party hostel.

No noisy parties and celebrations are allowed in the hostel because of the house order and vicinity of the neighbor’s houses.

Birthdays or other celebrations have to be announced at the reception and have to end at 1 pm in high season or by midnight in off-season.




Smoking in hostels in prohibited.

Guests may smoke outside of hostel, in front of main door where a large ashtray is placed.




Every room be it private or dorm has its own kitchen which is also free of use.

Every kitchen in dorms has: microwave, toaster, boiling, stove and fridge.

In every kitchen there is free: coffee, tea, spices, oil, sugar, salt, vinegar, flour.

Every kitchen has “free food” which Montenegro Hostel buys for its guests or is left behind by the other guests (cookies, jams, honey, rice, etc.)



Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Montenegro Hostel provides breakfast, lunch or dinner at their guests wish in one of the most notable restaurants in the Old Town called “Feral” which has beautiful garden.

Prices of breakfast varies from 1.5 euros, 2 euros or 3 euros. 

Lunch or dinner cost 5 euros (meat menu), while fish menu is 7 euros.

Portions for lunch and dinner are not limited and you can eat as much as you want.

Professional service in restaurant is included in price.



Daily Stay

For guests who have late departures of bus and already checked out, there is a possibility of daily stay.

Guests who  paid for the daily stay can use all the hostel services except for the bed: baggage safekeeping, lockers, bathroom, computer usage, and common room.

Daily stay costs 5 euros.



Maps and Time Tables

Hostel possesses regularly updated bus & train schedules from all bus or train stations in Montenegro as well as in region.

There are numerous maps  in hostel for easier planning of further trip.

Services of printing airplane tickets and others travel tickets of the guests are free.



Transfers and Tours

Montenegro Hostel Travel Agency organizes numerous of tours and transfers for special prices only for guests of hostel.

Hostel organizes fish picnics on beaches by boats as well as transport to st. Nicholas’ Island.

Hostel can arrange special tours and excursions by request of the guests.


During the whole time of your stay you will be taken care of by the Montenegro Hostel personnel who will try to make your stay in our hostel in Budva unforgettable.



Montenegro Hostel Team



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