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MONTENEGRO HOSTEL TRAVEL AGENCY ORGANIZES one day excursion from city of Budva and kotor to city of dubrovnik. Excursion lasts 12 hours and costs only 35 euros per person!

this is a great option for anyone who wants to save its budget.


Montenegro Hostel Travel-Dubrovnik Old Town Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities on the World and extremely visited by tourists all year long. Thanks to geographical position, Dubrovnik is only 100 km far away from city of Kotor and 125 km far away from city of Budva. Kotor and Budva are the most touristic places in Montenegro. Almost every guest who cames to Montenegro want to visit Dubrovnik.


Mostly guests want to stay in Dubrovnik for day, two or more. But if you don't have enough time to stay in Dubrovnik, we suggest you to take our excurison.

If you decide to stay in Montenegro and take daily excursion to Dubrovnik renting the car, take care about price of car parking in Dubrovnik. One hour of the car parking in the zone around the city walls costs 6 euros. You need optimally 5 hours to visit the town, that means that car parking will costs you 30 euros. Also, you may wait pretty long at the border crrosing in very high season.


So, if you don't want to think about renting the car, driving to Dubrovnik, finding the car parking, and driving back on time, take our excursion. Our excursion is very flexible, because minimum group is only 4 guests.




This excursion is possible for the guests who stay in: St. Stefan, city of Budva includes Bećići, city of Tivat, city of Kotor, city of Perast and city of Herceg Novi. We can pick up the guests for all those places, but we will make basic itinerary for guests from Budva and Kotor. If you stay somewhere else, just send us e-mail and we will organize pick up without any problem.

Start from Budva at 08:00...... Guests pick-up in Kotor at 08:30

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Dubrovnik Old Town And Island Lokrum

We will pass by city of Perast where we will make photo stop, and then we will continue to the border crossing. We will pass border crossing Debeli Brijeg-Karasovići every day in the year except July and August. We don't want to spend more than 30 minutes waiting on border crossing, which is almost impossible in very high season on Debeli Brijeg-Karasovići. As the acceptable soulution we will use another border crossing on peninsula Prevlaka, and go straight via National Park of Prevlaka to Dubrovnik.

Arrival in Dubrovnik at 11:00..... Visiting Dubrovnik sightseeing 6 hours

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Minceta Tower in the Old Town of Dubrovnik

We will drop guests in front of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. We suggest guests to go first to visit famous city walls of Dubrovnik.

Montenegro Hostel Travel-City Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town

Entrance fee is 15 euros per person. Entrance to the city walls are left of the main entrance on Stradun ( famous main street in the old town of Dubrovnik).

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Main Gate in the Old Town of Dubrovnik

With all photo stops you need approximately 2 hours to go around of the city walls. You don't need any tour guide for that.

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Stradun, the main street in the old town of Dubrovnik

After visiting city walls our recommendation is to take city tour, which costs 40-50 euros per group ( for the group of 4 it will be around 10 euros per person).

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Sundial in the old town of Dubrovnik

Only tour guides with the licence of tourist organization from Dubrovnik can make guided tour. They are fantastic and they will give you all necessary explanation of every important and historical place in the old town of Dubrovnik.

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If you want to take tour guide you can do that in the office of tourist info right of the main entrance on Stradun. Just go there, ask for the tour guide, and you will get one of them in couple of minutes. Guided tour lasts around 1 hour.

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Orlando's Column in the old town of Dubrovnik

After that you can relax yourself having a coffee or a lunch, but take care about price list. In some restaurants in the old town of Dubrovnik prices are pretty high, but couple of restaurants in the port of the Old Town have decent prices (around 15-20 euros per meal).

Montenegro Hostel Travel-restaurants in the port of the old town of Dubrovnik

If you really want to eat cheaper, you should look at the restaurants in the streets further from Stradun or main squares.

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Port in the old town of Dubrovnik

For the last two hours you can visit some of the numerous churces in the old town, or Museum, or make a shopping.

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Knezev Dvor in the old town of Dubrovnik

Old Town of Dubrovnik has some great shops with very interesting souvenirs.

Montenegro Hostel Travel- Gundulic's Square in the old town of Dubrovnik  

There are no beaches around the old town of Dubrovnik, so you cannot chill out but you can take the boat tour to Lokrum island ( this island is very close to the Old Town of Dubrovnik). That boat tour lasts around 45 minutes and costs 10 euros.

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Lighthouse in the old town of Dubrovnik

Departure from Dubrovnik at 17:00 ( location in front of the Old Town)

Our driver will make the small circle by car around the city of Dubrovnik, so you will be able to see port of Gruz, bridge of Dr. Franjo Tuđman, and Lapad hill. After that we will go back to Montenegro. On our way back we will not make any photo stop.

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Orthodox Church in the old town of Dubrovnik

Return to Kotor at 20:00....Return to Budva at 20:30

Montenegro Hostel Travel-Maritime Museum in the old town of Dubrovnik




Excursion to Dubrovnik is organized in groups. Minimum group is 4 persons. Entrance fees, breakfast and lunch are not included in price.

In total all tickets, breakfast, lunch and snack will cost you around 50 euros. But if you want you can use your own food and drink.

The price for the excursion includes professional driver on English language.

All information and reservation about excursion to Dubrovnik you can get bye-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com



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