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sarajevo 03Sarajevo is one of the most popular touristic destination on Balkans. A lot of guests want to go from Montenegro directly to Sarajevo, especially because Sarajevo is not so far away from the border crossing with Montenegro. The shortest possible route from Budva and Kotor to Sarajevo is via Scepan Polje. Scepan Polje is famous as the main rafting center in Montenegro. That route is also very attractive because passes beautiful Lake Piva and amazing canyon of River Piva. Also that road goes above the deepest point of Tara River, and pass Scepan Polje, small place located at the crossing border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.After we enter in Bosnia we will pass city of Foča and go straight to Sarajevo.

All transfer can be done for 6 hours. But the public buses don't use that road. Public buses go via capital of Montenegro named Podgorica, then to second largest city in Montenegro named Nikšić, then to Scepan Polje and to Sarajevo. That trip lasts 9-10 hours. Connection by public buses is based on overnight buess especially from Kotor. In off season connection to Srajevo is daily only from capital Podgorica. 

The biggest problem is connection from Sarajevo to Montenegro, because some of buses arrival in Montenegro at 3 am and some of them doesn't go to Kotor (only to Tivat and to Budva).

There is no train from Sarajevo to Montenegro, so the bus is only option to get there.

Sarajevo is located in the heart of Southeastern Europe and is an excellent starting point when taking in the entire region.Only 126 km further south is the seat of of Herzegovina-sunny Mostar-whose symbol, the Old Bridge, is included on UNESCO's list of protected cultural monuments. Fascinating Dubrovnik, a living museum on the coast, is 240 from Sarajevo and Split, the main city on Croatia's Dalmatian coast is 250 km from Sarajevo. The distance between Sarajevo and regional capital cities is as follows: 290 km from Belgrade (Serbia), 400 km from Zagreb ( Croatia) and 230 km from Podgorica (Montenegro).


TRANSFER-BUDVA-kotor-scepan polje-sarajevo (bih)

m Sarajevo 1Bus ticket from Kotor and Budva ( Montenegro) to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) costs 45 euros. We can organize the transfer if the minimum number of passengers is 8.

Duration time is 6 hours by bus. 

Passengers who want take this transfer to Scepan Polje can do that for the price of 35 euros ( from Budva or Kotor to Scepan Polje).

Departure time is 9 am from Budva and 9.30 from Kotor. Departure points are main gate of the Old Town of Kotor and main gate of the Old Town of Budva.

Arrival time in 3 pm (15:00) in Sarajevo. We arrive at the city center of Sarajevo.

Transfer is organized by air-conditioned buses. Luggage fee is included in the price.

Transfer tickets can be bought at the receptions of the Montenegro Hostel Kotor, Montenegro Hostel Budva and Montenegro Hostel Podgorica.

NOTE: We can be flexible with the departure time and departure point for the group request. 




Sarajevo 2Bus ticket from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to Kotor and Budva ( Montenegro) costs 45 euros per person. We can organize the transfer if the minimum number of passengers is 8.

Durration time is 6 hours by bus.

Departure time is at 6 am from Sarajevo. Departure point is from the city center.

Transfer is organized by air-conditioned buses. Luggage fee is included in the price.

PLEASE NOTE: Ticket for transfer from Sarajevo to Kotor and Budva can be reserved or purchased in two ways:

1. If you are guest of any of Montenegro Hostels, and if you have reservation, you can pay your transfer ticket on the receptions of Montenegro Hostels (Kotor, Budva and Podgorica) after transfer, when you arrive in hostel.

2. If you are not guest of any of Montenegro Hostels, you can purchase your transfer ticket in advance by credit card. You should make contact sending e-mail to montenegrohostel@gmail.com

NOTE: We can organize transfer from Sarajevo to Podgorica for the same price. 


Transfer is organized by mini buses and buses. All vehicles are air-conditioned.

Free compensation for the transportation of luggage.

Transfer is organized in groups.One group has minimum 8 persons ( total number in one direction).

Itinerary could be changed is high season, depends on waiting on border crossing.

All information and reservation about this transfer you can get by e-mail montenegrohostel@gmail.com or on reception tour-desks in our hostels.

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