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Podgorica City Tour

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MONTENEGRO HOSTEL TRAVEL AGENCY IS THE ONLY ONE IN MONTENEGRO THAT ORGANIZES city tour in podgorica, capital of montenegro. this tour is COMPLETELY DEDICATED for everybody who wants to meet capital of Montenegro in a beautiful way!THAT IF YOU TAKE THIS TOUR YOU WILL be SURPrised how interesting is podgorica and how amazing hostory has this town named " the last secret in europe"!

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 023Podgorica City Tour is one of a kind in Podgorica. It is organized by Montenegro Hostel Travel Agency exclusively for everybody who wants to meet the capital of Montenegro in a beautiful way.


This Tour lasts 10 hours and it will show you most of the city attractions, from fantastic archeological findings, river canyons and waterfalls, fortresses and a monastery hidden in a cave, to city bridges, castles, temples, parks and monuments. After this tour you will leave Podgorica with unforgettable memories.

So we are here to evoke the beauty of Podgorica in a way that it deserves.

If you are interested to take this tour read carefully itinerary of the tour, see photos, read the stories about places we visit and we are sure that you will want to have seat in the bus on amazing Podgorica city tour. (Read more about Podgorica HERE)


The starting point is near the Podgorica’s main bus station at 8 am. Our first destination is Zabljak Crnojevica and in order to get there, we will drive through the whole city, its main boulevards, the most attractive buildings and the biggest shopping mall Delta City. It will be interesting for everybody who wants to see how the entire city looks like. Podgorica is not a big city, so the ride will not last long.

Start from Podgorica at...8:00 

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 024

In about 30 minutes we will be at Zabljak Crnojevica, a settlement and a fortress from the 15th century settled by Skadar Lake. Zabljak Crnojevica is settled on a rocky hill which we will climb for a few minutes. On the top of the fortress, we will have a view on Skadar Lake and the river Moraca that flows into the lake on this very spot. This is a true paradise for all those who want to make unique photos of this spectacular area.

Arrival in Zabljak Crnojevica at 08:30..... Visiting Zabljak Crnojevica sightseeing 30 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo zabljak crnojevica 002

After Zabljak Crnojevica we are heading forward to the river Cijevna.

Arrival at the river Cijevna at 09:30..... Visiting Cijevna sightseeing + breakfast/coffee break 1 hour

m montenegro hostel photo cijevna 003

Podgorica is unique in Montenegro for its five rivers flows: Zeta, Moraca, Cijevna, Ribnica and Sitnica.  Unlike other 4 rivers, Cijevna does not flow through the city center, but very nearby.So in just 15 minutes from amazing Skadar Lake we will be at this beautiful hidden river that will delight you with its small canyon and beauty.

m montenegro hostel photo cijevna 010

We will take a break for breakfast just by the most attractive water fall of the river Cijevna. The river is just few meters wide but thanks to its rocks and sun beam reflection, it has impressive indigo blue clear water. Nature lovers will enjoy the scenery around the lake while food lovers can try Montenegrin specialties at a nearby restaurant “Niagara”.

m montenegro hostel photo cijevna 014

In and around the restaurant you will see a variety of animals such as rabbits, ducks, turkeys and geese that often walk around tables asking to feed them, that is always fun.When we finish our break at Cijevna, we will drive further to the second important fortress in Podgorica and that is Medun.

Arrival in medun at 11:00..... Visiting Medun sightseeing + museum 40 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo medun 012

While heading to Medun, we will have an open panoramic view over Podgorica so we will take a short photo stop. There is the birth house of one of the most glorious heroes of Montenegro called duke Marko Miljanov, turned into museum. The fortress is above on a small hill where we will climb a few minutes and where are located small church and duke's tomb.

m montenegro hostel photo medun 006

View is just amazing from this place.This fortress was founded by Illyrians more than two millenniums ago and represents a natural watchtower over the Medun field where numerous battles were fought during Montenegrin history.

m montenegro hostel photo medun 007


Museum of Marko Miljanov has excellent ethnographic collection of authentic Montenegrin, Albanian and Ottoman national costumes, flags, weapons, furniture, jewelry, pottery, photos and documents from duke's era.

m montenegro hostel photo medun 017

You will be surprised how unique that humble place is, untouched for hundreds of years. Leaving Medun, we go to Duklja, a very important archeological site near the city center. This place had been settled first by Illyrians and later, in the 1st century, Romans settled the city named Duclea on this very place.

Arrival in Duklja at 12:00..... Visiting Duklja sightseeing 20 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo duklja 009

Duclea had 10 000 inhabitants. South Slavs took over the region in the 6th century and named it Duklja. It is considered that this was the very beginning of state of Montenegro.

m montenegro hostel photo duklja 007

Doclea was a city with a big square (town forum), a line of market-kind shops, temples, a public bathroom and other important institutions. Today there are only the remains of the city, later a state. There are many fragments of pillars, consoles or tombstones lying around while on the north side there are the walls of curia (court house).

m montenegro hostel photo duklja 006

The river Zeta flows near Duklja and there we will take a small break at one of the beaches, so you can refresh yourself. After Duklja, we are heading to the hill Dajbabe where we will make a lunch break in a beautiful traditional Montenegrin restaurant Ognjište located on river Matica.

Arrival in Ognjiste at 12:30..... Visiting Matica sightseeing + lunch/coffee break 1 hour


After lunch break, we will take you to the Dajbabe monastery. This orthodox monastery is located at the foot of the hill Dajbabe and it is very specific because monastery's Church Assumption of the Holly Virgin is in the cave with couple corridors.

Arrival in Dajbabe Monastery at 14:00..... Visiting Dajbabe Monastery 20 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo dajbabe 004

All painted in frescoes by the saint Simeon Dajbabski who prayed and lived in this holly place. This is the only monastery in Montenegro with frescoes of this kind that look more like modern art paintings than classic portraits of saints.

m montenegro hostel photo dajbabe 010

From the monastery we continue to the top of the Dajbabe hill from where you can make excellent photos of the area. From this viewpoint you can see Montenegrin famous vineyard “Plantaže”, one of the biggest in Europe.

Arrival on the top of Dajbabe hill at 14:30..... photo-stop 10 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 004

Podgorica is settled on the area that could inhabit few million citizens and it has only 150 000. Thanks to that big area, there are numerous parks around with plenty of greenery and beautiful nature. And finally we will explore the city center of Podgorica.

Arrival to Krusevac at 14:40......Visiting Krusevac 20 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 021

First we will visit the Prince Nikola’s winter residency named Kruševac which is today a Contemporary Arts Centre. Art lovers can visit the exhibition while the others can enjoy in the park. Kruševac is just one in a line of numerous parks in the city of Podgorica and it is specific for its stairway that leads to the residency on whose top there is a beautiful fountain.

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 022

After Kruševac we are going to the Church of Resurrection, the biggest Orthodox Church in Podgorica. This monumental structure strives to unite all different styles of ecclesiastical architecture of Montenegro in one edifice.

Arrival to the Chruch at 15:20......Visiting Church 10 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 019

The greatness of this church and its frescoes won’t leave you indifferent. One block next to the church, in front of the Podgorica’s University head offices stands the monument of St Petar of Cetinje, unveiled in 2006.

Arrival to the monument at 15:35......photo-stop  5 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 025

With its height of 6,8 meters, this grandiose work of a sculptor Nenad Šoškić seems fitting for Petar as a ruler.  Right next to the monument is the biggest building in Podgorica named Atlas Capital, which represents a very attractive building because of its all-glass facade.

Arrival to the city centre at 15:45...... Visiting city centre sightseeing + coffee break 90 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 005

And after all this, we drive to the heart of the town crossing four bridges including a new modern Millennium bridge. We will walk around through 3 city parks full of greenery, monuments, fountains and finally, we will refresh at the main city square (Republic square) fountain.

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 017

There is the pedestrian zone with a number of cafes and restaurants where you can rest yourself at the end of the tour and enjoy watching youth life in Podgorica, especially girls who are believed to be among the most beautiful girls in Europe, and also very fashionable.

m montenegro hostel photo podgorica 009

Atmosphere in the town is pretty relaxed. Unlike other big capital cities, life in Podgorica is much quieter and slower so there is never too much hustle and bustle. This city can offer a pleasant staying and, of course, all travelling connections to rest of the world.

Arrival to hostel at 17:30-18:00



35 euros for guests of Montenegro Hostels, 40 euros for other guests.

Podgorica City Tour is organized in groups. Minimum group is 4 persons. Entrance fees, breakfast and lunch are not included in price.

Entrance fee in museum in Medun is 1 euro.

Entrance fee in art centre in Krusevac is 3 euro.

In total, all tickets, breakfast, lunch and snack will cost you 15-20 euros. But if you want you can use your own food and drink.

The price for the tour includes licensed tour guide on English language.

All information and reservation about Podgorica City Tour you can get by e-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com


Montenegro Hostel Team 


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