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South Wild Beauty Tour

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this unique TOUR combines the fascinating beauty of the National park skadar lake, its islands, the mountain rumije with a amazing view on the albanian city of skhoder, cities of ulcinj and bar. it is impossible to describe in a simple way everything that you will be able to see and feel in those 12  hours that this tour lasts for.  This tour leaves breathless even us who live in montenegro!

m montenegro hostel photo krajina skadarsko jezero 018You will be surprised to see how generous nature is in this area, offering: a lake near sea, islands, a seacoast with sandy beaches, and a mountain Rumija that divides two countries, Montenegro and Albania, in the most beautiful way, remnants of the old cities and a place where a famous Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes was in slavery and came up with an idea for the novel Don Quixote.

What you will experience on this tour is a story for itself: you will be able to swim in Skadar Lake on the most southern point of Montenegro as well as in the Albanian part of the lake; you will walk along the edge of the mountain with open arms-one of which will be in Albania and the other one in Montenegro. You will touch the oldest olive tree in the Europe, and you will be able to buy organic food and drinks from villagers along the lake.

What we can guarantee is that you will be back full of impressions after this tour and with photos that you can boast with.

Montenegro Hostel Travel Agency is very proud to offer this unique new tour to guests from all over the world.Please note that because of the characteristic terrain this tour is organized in a way that we will always drive on a sunny side so that you can enjoy and make perfect photos.


We start from Kotor, picking up the guests from Budva and after a couple minutes of driving, we will stop above the island of Sv. Stefan, a pearl of the Montenegrin coast.We continue our trip in a pleasant drive by the coastline so you can enjoy the view on beautiful beaches and places along, belonging to the Municipality of Budva, such as Reževići and Petrovac.

Start from Kotor at 08:00...... Guests pick-up in Budva at 08:30


Near Petrovac we turn over the mountain Paštrovska Gora to Virpazar. A road that leads over Paštrovska Gora is very attractive for it is opening an amazing panoramic view over Petrovac and Bar. That will be our next photo stop. From this point we lose the view on the open sea heading to Virpazar, the most famous place on Skadar Lake.

Arrival to Virpazar at 09:30..... Visiting Virpazar sightseeing +breakfast/coffee break 45 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo vir pazar 007

Virpazar is a small traditional town that lies on the place where rivers Crmnica and Orahovštica meet and immediately flow into Skadar Lake. The town is a center of Crmnica, a fertile region with a climate favorable for growing wine grapes, olives and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The place of Vir was first mentioned in 1242 and it is quite possible that it was a small trading hub for the local village even at the time. In the 15th century its strategic location was capitalized by the Turks who built the Besac castle whose stall stands above the town.

m montenegro hostel photo vir pazar restaurant badanj 002

Nowadays, Virpazar is a beautiful touristic site with numerous restaurants and a starting point for exploring Skadar Lake by boat or by car. In Virpazar we will make a breakfast break. You will have enough time to enjoy this peaceful fisherman village on whose every corner you can see and feel tradition of people living by Skadar Lake. Virpazar ( Pazar=market) still has a small traditional market where you can buy the best organic food from this area: olives, olive oil, different kinds of cheese, fish, the finest tobacco, homemade  wine, rakija (brandy), juices, tea, honey, etc.

m montenegro hostel photo vir pazar 004

If you are interested to buy those products directly from houses of villagers along our way, this is also possible.The next part of our trip goes through two the most important villages in the Crmnica area, Godinje and Seoca. Godinje is well known for the best wines in Montenegro.

m montenegro hostel photo godinje 012

Do not forget that all of this food grows in the National Park of Skadar Lake where there isn’t any kind of pollution and everything is so natural and organic, and of course there are a lot of figs, blackberries, pomegranates etc, that you can just pick by the road.The first island that comes into our sight is Grmožur with remnants of a former prison built by the Ottoman empire.

m montenegro hostel photo grmozur 013

Today the only residents of Gromžur are numerous cormorants and pelicans who nest in its walls. Shortly after we pass Gromžur, you will have an open panoramic view over Skadar Lake and its 50 islands. This part of the lake side is called Krajina.

m montenegro hostel photo krajina skadarsko jezero 021

We will make a photo stop here so you can take photos of this unique area which is the only part of Skadar Lake that is rich in islands. There are Christian Orthodox monasteries on some of those islands while the rest is uninhabited and it represents a bird Reserve for more than 280 species of birds and a number of reptile species.

m montenegro hostel photo beska 020

While driving, you will notice numerous animals such as cows, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep eating grass on meadows by the road. The whole area around Skadar Lake is full of life and people, as well as animals, enjoy everything that surrounds them.

m montenegro hostel photo vir pazar 046

The road leads us further over the Rumija mountain through numerous traditional villages of this area with mixed Christian and Muslim culture and a number of churches and mosques.

m montenegro hostel photo Skadar Lake 017

We will drive through the hundreds of years old chestnut forest and a village Ostros known for the growth of the best tobacco you can buy in Montenegro.

m montenegro hostel photo chestnut forests 023

At the end of the road we will be at the most southern point of the Montenegrin part of Skadar Lake, in a village Ckla, just few kilometers away from the first Albanian village named Zogaj and opposite to Shodra, the second biggest city in Albania.

Arrival to Ckla at 11.15....Swimming and brunch b reak... 45 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo village Ckla on Skadar Lake  024

That is where we will make a break for a picnic, seesighting or swimming on your wish. Good swimmers can enjoy swimming in the international waters because a lake border between Montenegro and Albania is just 500 m away, and a view on Prokletije mountains (called Southern Alps of Europe) is just amazing.

m montenegro hostel photo village Ckla on Skadar Lake 025

Swimming in Skadar Lake is a unique experience, but note that there are water snakes which are completely harmless. So, if you aren’t afraid of seeing one of them, just jump into the water and enjoy. Those who don’t want to swim can take a boat ride around the islands, walk around, take photos of birds and the area or just relax in the near restaurant. After the break in Ckla, we will drive to the top point of the mountain Rumija.

Arrival to Mt. Rumija at 12.15....Walk on the top of Mt. Rumija (natural border crossing).... 30 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo Mt Rumija 028

From this point you will walk along the edge of the mountain enjoying a spectacular view that spreads to Tirana. On your left side  you will see Skadar Lake, the city of Skhoder and Prokletije mountains, and on your right side there are numerous Montenegrin villages, hills, valleys, the city of Ulcinj with its Grand beach (14 km long sandy beach) and the open sea. All of that you will see from this very spot. After this incredible walk, we are driving from the mountain Rumija to a place called Svač, that is just by Šasko lake, also near the Albanian border line.

Arrival to Svač at 13.00....Photo-stop  15 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo Svac 030

Svač was mentioned already in the 8th century as the seat of the local bishop. The town was destroyed in 1242 when fierce Mongolians swept through the Balkans looting and pillaging. However, it was quickly rebuilt, particularly due to the help of the Serbian King Uroš and his queen Jelena who came from catholic background of a French Anjou family.

m montenegro hostel photo Svac 033

We will make a short stop here so you can take photos of remnants of this ancient town that had 5 churches and was bigger than the Old town Kotor. After Svač we are heading to Ulcinj ( Dulcinea), one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast.

Arrival to Ulcinj at 14.00.... Visiting Old Town Ulcinj +lunch break 90 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo Ulcinj  045

The southernmost town on the Montenegrin coast has a distinguishing Oriental flavor and feel to it, partly because of the long Ottoman presence here (till 1878) and, more due to the fact that this is the only coastal town with a Muslim Albanian majority. This makes Albanian the first language here and most of the sights are bilingual. The Romans captured the town in 167 BC. Destroyed in the barbarian onslaughts, the town was rebuilt by the emperor Justinian in the location of the today’s Old Town.

m montenegro hostel photo old town Ulcinj 043

The old Town Ulcinj is smaller than old towns of Kotor, Budva, Bar and Herceg Novi. It is settled on the top of a huge rock just above the sea near the city center.In 1580, the town was captured by Uluz-Ali, an Algerian pirate and later a viceroy of his province. His rule began a period of more than a century in which Ulcinj was the dreaded seat of pirates, who attacked with their light vessels not only Venetian and other Christian trades but also Turkish ships in Adriatic. The local pirates known far and wide, acquired vast wealth in valuables especially from slave trading. It is speculated that the famed Spanish writer Cervantes was sold as a slave to Algerians in Ulcinj when he fell captive.

m montenegro hostel photo ulcinj 7

In Ulcinj we will make a break for sightseeing of the old town, lunch and swimming. We suggest you try anything from the fish menu, because all fish restaurants in Ulcinj have a brilliant choice of fish from the sea, Skadar Lake and a river Bojana. Prices of fish dishes are pretty much lower in Ulcinj than in the rest of coastal Montenegrin cities. Ulcinj is also famous for its excellent olive oil and olives.

m montenegro hostel photo valdanos 004

From Ulcinj we will go to Bar, through the road that leads us through Vladanos, a unique olive forest in Montenegro with more than 100 000 olive trees. A part of that olive forest was planted by Romans, so some of the trees are 1000-2000 years old.

We will make a photo stop here so you can take photos of this fascinating forest of the Valdanos bay and its beautiful beach.

m montenegro hostel photo valdanos 002

Although Valdanos itself is an old olive forest, the oldest olive tree is not here but in Bar. The old olive tree is 2 millenniums old and it is the oldest olive tree in Europe. It is a popular tourist attraction in the country.The old Olive is near by the Old Town Bar that is our last destination on this tour.


Arrival to the Old Olive Tree at 16.00....Photo-stop  10 minutesm montenegro hostel photo the old oliv tree in Bar 047

Unlike the rest of the old towns on the Montenegrin coast line that are settled by the sea, the Old Town Bar is positioned 4 km from the sea and today has no inhabitants. The hill occupied by the walled town was settled in prehistoric and Illyrian times but was abandoned during the Roman era when it was moved to the coast, to the same location where modern Bar stands today. With the Avar and Slavic invasions in the 6th century the Roman population left the shore for the safety of this hill which they encircled with walls.

Arrival to the Old Town Bar at 16.20.... Visiting Old Town Ulcinj + coffee break  90 minutes

m montenegro hostel photo old town bar  061

When the situation settled, Bar became the most important center of Duklja, often visited by its princes and kings. In 1089 it became the seat of the archbishopric, which still exists. Its name comes from Latin Antibarium „Facing Bari“, the town in southern Italy with which it was closely connected by religious affairs and trade.

m montenegro hostel photo old town bar 066

Bar became a part on Montenegro in 1878, after which it gradually lost its importance to its coastal namesake. Careless stocking of gunpowder by the Montenegrin army led to two large explosions (1881 and 1912) which destroyed many of the old monuments. After additional damage inflicted by the 1979 earthquake, the enwalled town is gradually being repaired and renovated.

m montenegro hostel photo old town bar  067

After visiting the Old Town of Bar we will walk to the port of Bar, the biggest and the most important port in Montenegro.

The palace of King Nikola, that is museum today, is located on the pedestrian area.

Arrival to Port of Bar at 18.00....Visit to Port of Bar   30 minutes

dvorac kralja nikole


This is the end of our tour and with a smooth drive we are heading back to Budva and Kotor enjoying a beautiful sunset that will stay in your memory forever.

Return to Budva at 19:30....Return to Kotor at 20:00




35 euros for guests of Montenegro Hostels, 40 euros for other guests.

South Wild Beauty Tour is organized in groups. Minimum group is 4 persons. Entrance fees, breakfast and lunch are not included in price.

Entrance fee for the Old Town Bar is 2 euros, entrance fee for the Old Olive Tree is 1 euro.

In total all tickets, breakfast, lunch and snack will cost you 15-20 euros. But if you want you can use your own food and drink.

The price for the tour includes licensed tour guide on English language.

All information and reservation about South Wild Beauty Tour you can get by e-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com


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