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One Day Sailing From Kotor

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This is budget sailing which can afford any traveler, SO DON'T MISS IT!

montenegro hostel sailing-island St. Marko in the Bay of TivatSailing in Montenegro is growing up every day. Unfortunately Montenegro coast doesn't have numerous islands like in Croatia ( less than 2000 islands) or in Greece (less than 6000 islands), which are paradise for sailing. But Montenegro has the only fjord in Mediterranean Sea, famous and amazingly beautiful Boka Bay. Bay of Kotor, Bay of Risan, Bay of Tivat and Bay of Herceg Novi, all together, make Boka Bay. 

Despite the fact that there are not many islands, Montenegro has the best and the most luxurious marina for yachts and mega-yachts in Adriatic Sea located in city of Tivat and Tivat Bay, named Porto Montenegro. Except this world famous marina, Montenegro will have 3 more luxury marinas all dedicated to the high class of sailboats and yachts. So basically, you can get everything you need in Montenegro for the luxury boats, all type of service includes rent-a-boat with a skipper.

Prices are very high which is completely acceptable for that kind of service.

But find the cheap sailing in Montenegro was mission impossible. Montenegro Hostel Travel Agency organizes numerous tours for travelers and budget guests, and our "mission impossible" was to find sailing which can afford almost every of our guests. And finally we did it. This sailing tour is unique and completely different from the tours which are organized by tourist boats. This tour should be great experience for everyone who has never been on sailing boat.

If you expect some luxury treatment, this is not the sailing tour four you. There are plenty of luxury sailing options in Montenegro. This sailing tour costs 200 euros per boat, maximum 4 guests. Price includes sipper and taxi ride back to Kotor. The price is the same for all sailing period in Boka Bay which lasts 6 moths in the year, from May till November. If you are interested to take our sailing tour, look at the itinerary. Hope you will love it.


This sailing tour is possible for guests who stay in Kotor and in the other cities on Montenegrin coast. The only difference is that guests from other cities should be in Kotor up to 10:00 (10 am). They should take public bus or taxi service to arrive in Kotor on time.

Start from Kotor at 10:00 from the port of Kotor

montenegro hostel sailing-Port of Kotor

The sailing boat which we use is model GibSea 20; length 7,20 meters; width 2,10; engine Yamaha 8ks, sailing surface area 15 square meters. This is very basic sailing boat perfect for small groups, especially couples. 

montenegro hostel sailing-sailing boat Gib Sea20

After boarding we will sail toward city of Perast. Bay of Kotor is full of sailing boats, yachts, small fisherman boats and cruise ships. It is very hard navigate and sail among all those boats. Part of the Kotor Bay, from the old town of Kotor to city of Perast, is the most attractive part of Boka Bay at all. So we will use engine and sail slowly to island Lady of the Rock. Guest will have enough time for making photos and enjoying the amazing view.

montenegro hostel sailing-Muo

On the left side of Kotor Bay you will see beautiful small places named: Muo, Prcanj and Stoliv. All of them are parts of Municipality of Kotor.

montenegro hostel sailing-gothic palace "The Three Sisters"

Bay of Kotor is full of old historical and traditional buildings in combination with modern houses. Mostly new houses and buildings are made by stone and they try to keep the traditional look.

montenegro hostel sailing-"Birth of Our Lady" church

On our way to Perast you will see the long line of houses and churches, putting one next to another and presenting the life in Boka Bay, always struggling against strong winds from the mountains all around. In the summer wind is not so strong that sometimes using sails is almost impossible. On the right side of Bay of Kotor you will see the places Dobrota and Ljuta.

montenegro hostel sailing-places Dobrota i Ljuta

Beside the old town of Kotor, city of Perast is equally attractive and very visited by tourists from all over the World. More about Perast and its history you can read here

montenegro hostel sailing-city of Perast

Perast has two beautiful small islands, The first island which we will see is St George (Sveti Djordje), hosting a Benedictine abbey and the old town cemetery shadowed by tall cypress trees.Though the abbey’s history can be traced as far back as the 12th century little remains of its earliest existence as it has been destroyed many times since, most ruinously in the 1669 earthquake.

montenegro hostel sailing-island St.George

The present day church was built after that event in a simple style with some details (such as the renaissance capitols) reused from older edifice. On the tombstones of the cemetery one can see the coat-of-arms of the Perast casadas and other notable families. This church is not open for visitors. 

montenegro hostel sailing-island St.George

The second and world famous island is islet of Gospa od Škrpjela (“Our Lady of the Rocks”) is the most important catholic sanctuary in the Gulf of Kotor and the most important one dedicated to Virgin Mary who was highly praised by the local populace, especially by seamen. However impossible it might sound, the islet is completely man-made: generations of Perastians have piled rocks and sunk their old ships or captured Turkish vessels to form it and by now the island has grown to 3000 square meters.

montenegro hostel sailing-island Lady of the Rock

The islet still grows once a year when on 22nd July, the festive day of Lady, a decorated procession of boats arrives from Perast followed by traditional songs and beeping of boat sirens as each of the Perastians throws a stone in the water. This island is very visited by tourists.

Arrival to Lady of the Rocks at 11:15..... Visiting church ( guided tours) 45 minutes

montenegro hostel sailing-island Lady of the Rock

After visit Lady of the Rock we will continue toward Tivat Bay. We will pass the narrowest part of Bay of Boka named Verige on the opposite side of Perast.

montenegro hostel sailing-city of Perast

When we pass Verige we will open the sails and sail accorrding the wind ( zigzag or straight) to the place named Lepetane.

montenegro hostel sailing-sails

Lepetane is the place where you can take the ferry to pass By from one side to another. There is no bridge over the Boka Bay. Only option to go from one side to another is taking the ferry or go around the bay.

montenegro hostel sailing-Lepetane

Our next location is the the widest part of the Boka Bay, always with perfrct wind for any sailing activity. You will be able to see numerous boats, all types, form all over the world. From the smallest one..

montenegro hostel sailing-Porto Montenegro

...to the big one.

montenegro hostel sailing-Porto Montenegro

The yachts and mega yachts (some of them are the longest and the biggest in the world) are located in Porto Montenegro, the most luxurious marina on the Adriatic Sea.

montenegro hostel sailing-Hotel Regent in Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is nautical center number one in Montenegro. Almost every mega yacht from all over the world will find its way here. This place is paradise for anyone who loves to sail. Porto Montntenegro has: apartments, shops, restaurants, cafes, swimming pool, museum, galeries and 5 stars hotel Regent. Despite luxury all around, the prices in restaurants and cafes are absolutely acceptable.

montenegro hostel sailing-Porto Montenegro apartments

 After we pass Porto Montenegro we will sail to the island of St. Marko, the biggest island in Bay of Tivat and the biggest island in the whole Boka Bay.

montenegro hostel sailing-Island St.Marko

To the south of Tivat lies a group of three islands tailing one another. Closest to the land, and actually for centuries joined with it by small dyke, is Prevlaka, also known by its tourist name Ostrvo cvijeća (“Island of Flowers”). We will pass a small gap between Island of Flowers and Island of St. Marko. On the Island of Flowers is located orthodox monastery named St.Michael from 13th century.

montenegro hostel sailing-Island of the Flowers and Island of St.Marko

 After we pass the gap we will turn right and go toward the most artractive island in Bay of Tivat, named Lady of the Grace (Gospa od Milosti).

montenegro hostel sailing-Lady of Grace

Lady of the Grace dating from 15th of century. The history of this abbey was pretty turbulent. It was sacked by many invaders and it was destroyed by lighting in 1844 and restored in 1901 by Bishop Frano Ućelini- Tice of Kotor. 

montenegro hostel sailing-Lady of the Rock

 This island is not open for visitors and it is not on the tourist map. This is little strange because so many tourists visit island  Lady of the Rock every year, but almost nobody visit the island Lady of the Grace. We decide to put both islands on our route because both are very attractive and beautiful.

montenegro hostel sailing-Lady of the Grace

After sailing around the Lady of the Grace we will finish our sailing at island of St. Marko (St Mark). The elongated island covered in thick wood was purchased in the 1980 s by the “Club Mediterraneo” and turned into an exclusive resort where its members spent their holidays in Polynesian-style wooden bungalow

montenegro hostel sailing-Island St.Marko

Since the start of the war in Yugoslavia it saw no tourists but remains off limits to visitors. The island was famous resort for nudist but now is completely abandoned- There are couple of beaches and crystal clear water, perfectly for enjoying in beautiful nature and privacy. The guests can be naked on the island if they want, but there are no restaurants, cafes or shops. Just nature and nothing else. We will make swimming break here.

Arrival to island St.Marko at 15:00...Break for swimming 2 hours

montenegro hostel sailing-island St.Marko

But if you don't like to be on the very lonely place, and you prefer more public places we will go there. Just a few minutes on the opposite side of the bay is one amazing beach with everything that guests need. We need 5 minutes of sailing to get to the beach.

montenegro hostel sailing-Solila

Guest who don't want to swim can go to the bird resord "Solila" and watch the birds. There are 111 spices of birds including beautiful flamingos. Birds resort is just one minute more sailing. After swimming break taxi will come and pick up the guests to Kotor. Taxi ride is included in price. 

Arrival to Kotor at 18:00

montenegro hostel sailing-Solila



Price per one day sailing is 200 euros per boat, maximum person is 4.

Price includes skipper on English language. 

Boat doesn't have cabins with toillet and shower which guest can use. Price includes water, juices and nibbles, but we will not serve the lunch or dinner.

Guest can bring its own food and drinks on the boat.

All information and reservation about sailing tour you can get by e-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com

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