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MONTENEGRO HOSTEL TRAVEL AGENCY IS THE ONLY ONE IN MONTENEGRO which ORGANIZES the most attractive one-day trip to albania, ideal for all guests who don't have enough time to stay in albania, but want to visit ti in the best way.

we recommended albania tour to everybody because this is the only tour that you can take from montenegro to see city of skhoder, a legendary historical town kruje and a modern beach resort shengjin, all in one day!

This is the longest of all of Montenegro Hostel tours and it lasts for 14 hours. Tour is organized in a way that you don’t feel the pressure because of a long ride, but you can enjoy every single minute spent on it.


We start from Kotor at 8 am, taking guests from Budva at 8.30. Then we drive to Podgorica where we will pick up guests at 9.30 am. Half of hour later we will be on a Božaj border crossing, from where we will drive to the nearest Albanian city Skhoder. Skhoder is the second biggest city of Albania positioned by Skadar Lake. While travelling to Skhoder, you will see the slops of the Prokletije mountain massif also known as South Alps on your left side, and on your right you will have the view on Skadar Lake.

Arrival to Shkoder at 11:00.....Visit the city center and Rozafa castle + B reakfast/coffee break... 2 hours

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While travelling to Skhoder, you will see the slops of the Prokletije mountain massif also known as South Alps on your left side, and on your right you will have the view on Skadar Lake. It is one the oldest and most historic places in Albania, as well as an important cultural and economic centre. First we will stop for a coffee/breakfast break at a beautiful traditional Albanian restaurant just by the river Buna.

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After breakfast we will walk by the most popular pedestrian street known as Pjaca (Kole Idromeno St. in the center of Shkodra), full of cafes and shops. That street got a name of Kole Idromeno (1860-1939) who was famous Albanian sculptor, photographer, architect and engineer.

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At the beginning of the street you will see the Mother Theresa monument (Nene Teresa), and it was one of the newest statues in Shkoder. Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun, who was born in neighbouring Macedonia to an Albanian family. In 1979 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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On the left of Mother Teresa monument is the large Ebu Beker Mosque, which is the focal point of the local Muslim community, dominates Skhoder's city centre. This mosque is also known as Al-Zamil Mosque; it was built in 1995 with founds from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This mosque has beeb extensively renovated in 2008.

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Acrros the mosque is statue of Luigj Gurakuqi (1879-1925) who was born in Shkoder. He became a poet and nationalist. Luigj Gurakuqi was given the titles of Hero i Popullit (Hero of the People) and Meseus i Poullit ( Teacher of the People). The university of his hometown Shkoder was named after him.

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After visitig the center of the tow we go to the Rozafa Castle where there is a view on the entire region, the city of Skoder and the river Buna (Bojana). The Rozafa Castle is located on a small hill about 2,5 km southwest of Shkoder city centre.

m montenegro hostel photo shkoder 003The Rosafa Castle was probably founded by Illyrians. Later it was rebuilt several times by Romas, Venetians and Ottomans. The castle ruins cosist of 3 courtyards and a few buildings. The oldest still standing structure on the castle grounds is the St. Stephen's Church, which dates back to 1319. One of the main reasons to vist the castle is its location on a 130 m high hilltop, which offers panoramic views of Shkoder, the Buna and Drini rivers as well as the southern end of Lake Shkodra.

m montenegro hostel photo shkoder 009The legend, first recorded in the Serbian epic poem The Building of Skadar is about the initiative of three brothers of the House of Mrnjavčević who set about building the castle. They worked all day, but the walls fell down at night. They met a clever old man advised them to sacrifice someone so that the walls would stand. The three brothers found it difficult to decide whom to sacrifice.

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Finally, they decided to sacrifice one of their wives who would bring lunch to them the next day. So they agreed that whichhever of their wives was the one to bring them lunch the next day was the one who would be buried in the wall of the castle. They also promised not to tell their wives of this. The two older brothers King Vukašin and Ban Uglješa however, explained the situation to their wives that night, while the honest youngest brother Vojvoda Gojko said nothing.

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Finally the following afternoon, the brothers waited anxiously to see which wife was carrying the basket of food. It was Rosafa, the wife of the youngest brother. He explained to her the agreement that they had made, namely that she was to be sacrifised and buried in the wall of the castle so that they could finish building it. She did not protest. The faihfulness of the youngest brother and the life sacrifice of his young wife are portrayed as elemets of symbolic importance. There is historical museum on the Rosafa castle where you can see exhibits from Illyrian time to the founding of Albania state.

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Next to the Rozafa castle is located mulitiple-domed Lead Mosque (Xamia e Plumbit) dates back to 1773, when it was built in Ottoman style by Memet Pasha Bushati. The name Lead Mosque derives from the the material which was used for the roof and the cupolas. In 1948 the mosque was declared a Cultural Monument which probably also saved it from destruction during the communist years. In 1967 the minaret was destroyed by lighting.

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After Shkoder we go to Kruje located 30 km before Tirana between Mount Kruje and the Ishem river. We will be there at 15.00. Kruje is an important touristic center in Albania. The name "Krujë" is thought to have originated from the word "fontain-head" ( water source), because Kruja has many sources. This area has given to the Albania's history, the name of Albania, the first state-Albanian feudal principality of Arber, and of course Albanian national hero, Scanderbeg (chosen as the capital of its state Kruja).

Arrival to Kruje at 15:00.....Visit the Old Town Kruje and Museum + Lunch  break... 2 hours

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The area of Kruja was included in dominions of Kastrioti family precisley by Skanderbeg's father, John Kastrioti. Kruja will serve again as the center of Arber and in the XV century, will be the center of attention of all Europeannations threatened by the Ottoman invasion. Three times was encircled Kruja by the Ottomans ( 1450, 1466, 1467) with a large army. The city was visited by two the most powerful sultans of the Ottoman Empire ( Sultan Murad II and hos son Mehmed II) However, Kruja castle rsisted and fell under Ottoman rule on 1478, ten years after the death of Skanderbeg.

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In Museum of Skandrbeg Kastrioti in the Old Town Kruje, you will see a lot of exibts about the biggest Albanian hero, hundreds of his works, publications, paintings, sculputures, documents, weapons, workroom, library, etc. Some documents have certified the war and Skanderberg efforts for freedom, not only in defense of Albania (Albëria in that time), but all of Western and Southwest Europe, which was treatened seriously by Ottoman invasion.

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the city of Kruja is rich in monuments of culture and ethnography, because of its history, is even an area rich in archaelogical sites. Kruja is declared "hero city", because it carries the priceless value and is one of the most famous Albanian cities in the world, even during the period of communist isolation. The Castle of the city and its historical museum, are surley two of the most important, including the characteristic cobbestone street of the Old Bazar, the Ethnographich Museum, etc. Old Bazar has 70 traditional shops where you can by: coper, wool, jewelry, fez production, and a lot of souvenirs.

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Kruje has number of cult objects, arouse great interest to visitors as reflective of unprecedented harmony, as is the case in almost all cities of Albania. Kruja is today a small town, whose economy is based mainly on personal and small business development in crafts today's tourism industry. However, the city is pleasent, with a cobbled streets somewhere, which is a bibon climb the mountain up to the castle, making you will magical sence in back time.


After visit the alley of the old market called Bazar, a beautiful castle of Kruje, the outstanding Skanderbeg museum and have a lunch break in a restaurant of the Kruje castle. Here you can taste some of the most famous traditional from this area like: chicken dishes with harapash (special dish with trowel flour), the clay curd pan, different pies, trahana, kabuni, etc.

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We leave Kruje at 17.00 driving back to the Lezhe District. Our next stop is in Shegjin, a modern and popular beach resort at the Adriatic Sea. We will be in Shengjin at 18.00 so you will have enough time to enjoy on one of the biggest sandy beaches in Albania. Near the beach is a line of modern buildings with numerous restaurants, shops and bars, so you can find a way to relax before we drive back to Montenegro.

Arrival to Shegjin at 18:00.... coffee break 30 minutes


Shengjin is one of many cities within the District of Lezhe and is home to one of Albania's entry ports, Port of Shengjin. One ot the most interesting attractions is bunker- beach.

montenegro hostel photo shengjin 004

We leave Shengjin at 18.30 driving back to Podgorica where we will be at 21.00, then to Budva, arriving at 22.00 and Kotor at 22.30.



45 euros for guests of Montenegro Hostels, 50 euros for other guests.

Albania Tour is organized in groups. Minimum group is 4 persons. Entrance fees, breakfast and lunch are not included in price.

Entrance fee is charged from 2-3 euros.

In total, all tickets, breakfast, lunch and snack will cost you 15-20 euros. But if you want you can use your own food and drink.

The price for the tour includes licensed tour guide on English language.


All information and reservation about Albania Tour you can get by e-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com

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