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Montenegro is appealing for visit in all seasons since its varied climate and geography offer a change of scenery and activities within only a couple of hours drive.


April in the coastal area usually sees people lightly dressed but with umbrellas as this is the rainiest month of the year. Weather allowing the bathing season starts around the May 1st when the sun shines brightly enough to convince even the most wary. During this month the usual sight in the coastal resorts are older European tourist strolling around or drinking coffee, enjoying off-season prices; most of the beach Bars and services are just opening and are not fully operational. The mountain rivers are swollen with melting snow and if you enjoy white-water rafting May and June are the month for your visit. Mountain peaks are still covered with snow and sudden weather changes may easily bring another snow storm; the locals who had rain away from the fierce winter and the isolation are now returning. This is the most idyllic season in the lower inland areas and a good opportunity to see Lake Skadarsko at its larger when it is teaming with birdlife, the green leaves in the usually sun-scorched Podgorica and the nearby waterfalls of the River Cijevna in all their magnificence.


By the beginning of June the tourist season starts to gain force but the prices of accommodation during this month are still significantly lower than those from the 1st of July. The real tourist invasion comes in July and August when the seaside becomes crammed with visitors of all ages and profiles bringing the rundown infrastructure to the verge breakdown. Cafes and nightclubs are all open, local music festivals and cultural events follow one another but if you are not looking for loud fun, girls on swarming beaches and being seen, this is the time of year to avoid. The season is also in full swing in the mountains but the crowds are not so evident here and a few more people in the uninhabited highlands are always appreciated. Many Montenegrins head off to freshness of the mountains to visit their relatives and in these months even the isolated villages seem alive once more. It is still summer in September, only the days are shorter, but by the middle of the month the beaches have emptied and are left over to the enjoyment of the few remaining tourists.


October is mild in the littoral but is the last month to finish what needs to be done in the high mountains as by its end it will almost surely start to snow. In November one day might be sunny and the next stormy but by now all of the tourist business have closed and the littoral has fallen into its winter slumber.


The skiing season starts in December and peaks between New Year’s Eve and mid February, through good ski conditions last all the way through April; prices reflects the number of visitors. This is definitely not a season to travel around the interior as severe weather conditions may close many roads for days. Podgorica is coldish and gray while the coastal areas see some sunshine breaking through the rainy clouds. There are very few tourists around and you will be able to observe the locals in their relaxed everyday routine. You will also experience towns such as Kotor or Budva the way they were before the age of mass-tourism.


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