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There are plenty of taxis around Podgorica, the coastal resorts as well as in some towns in the interior. Except in the capital, taxis are used much more in order towns than to roam around the town itself. There are a lot of unregistered taxi drivers with suspicious taxi meters; those at the airports and stations who annoying advertise their services are the worst kind and will almost surely overcharge you. If possible, it is always best to ask someone to call you a taxi by phone. Some taxis charge you for the start of the ride, others don’t but all are quite inexpensive. Note the minimal price is most taxis is one in Euro, which means that this is what you pay even in the meter show less. In coastal towns taxis are somewhat more expensive but a ride in Budva should not exceed price of 5 euros in the town, to St. Stefan and Becici up to 10 euros.


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