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Street crime on foreigners is generally low in Montenegro. One should beware of pick pocketing in busy tourist areas as well as on trains, buses and airports. Armed robberies are almost unheard of. Extra precaution should be taken if leaving a luxury car in an unattained parking place-put all your bags, no matter what is in them in the trunk or some other place where they can’t be seen.

General attitude towards foreign tourists is generous and friendly but this might not be the case with some local youths. To avoid conflict with them, ignore any provocations, remain calm and collected if spoken to in mocking way and, most importantly, do not try to outsmart or out do them in any way. Contrary to many European cities the streets of Montenegrin towns are quite safe after dark though it is wise to stay out of secluded places.

Women travelling solo should feel safe and comfortable but will also experience and unusual level of unwanted attention in bars and discotheques, less in the streets, but it starting or rude remarks. A girl sitting on her own in a café is bound to be approached for a conversation-try not to be impolite but keep to yourself if you are not interested. Montenegrin men are great gentlemen to those of their heart’s desire but do not like being rejected.

Topless bathing is usual on the most beaches but should be avoided in areas with the Muslim majority such as Ulcinj and its Riviera. Full nudity is tolerated only on nudist beaches.

Although homosexuality is not illegal, display of some-sex affection in public places will arouse discontent and mocking behavior.

Montenegro lies on the main corridor for drug and trafficking from Middle East to Western Europe and consequently there are number of illegal substances on the street. Possession and trafficking of drugs is punishable by law and may results in jail sentences.

You are obliged to carry your passport at all times as a means of identification, but this is not strictly observed in police. We advise you to make copy of our passport ( and other important documents) and keep it in the safe place so that you can easily get the replacement travel document in the case your passport get lost or stolen.


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