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It is wise to take out comprehensive travel insurance so that your expenses are covered in case of treated illness or accident both on state-run and in private clinic. Medical staff in Montenegro are generally well trained and some will speak English. In the case you don’t have medical insurance, emergency treatment will require payment, most usually in cash.

There are a number of private clinics around and the  cost of treatment in these is a bit less expensive than elsewhere in Europe.

Pharmacies ( apoteka) are well stocked and easily to find. They follow the usual working hours (8:00-20:00) but on the South especially in summer season a lot of pharmacies are open every day from (8:00-23:00).

Many of the branded medicines you might be acquainted with will have different names in local pharmacies so be sure to known the generic name of the drug or take your prescription with you. If you are reluctant to use other medicine or to buy them as imported goods at higher prices be sure to take a good supply with you.

The water is safe to drink in all Montenegro.  Local meat, cheese, poultry and fish are all considered safe to eat. Hygiene standards are quite high in most hotels and restaurants except in the bottom end ones .


Jellyfish are rare in Montenegro waters but can be stumbled upon. Burning and welts from these will subside of their own accord in a few hours. Mosquitoes carry no diseases in Montenegro but can be a real nuisance; insecticide vaporizes and repellents are available in better stores and in pharmacies.


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