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Generally speaking, Montenegrin custom officials are not too eager, one could almost say there are lax.

All travelers require a passport valid for duration of their stay, and should ensure that is stamped on entry. One can bring an unlimited amount of currency into the country but is obliged to declare currency in excess of 2000 euros upon entry and must be obtain a declaration form from customs officials declaration from form custom officials that must be presented on departure. The amount you can take out is limited to 500 euros unless more has been declared on entry. For sums of money in excess of €15,000 you should also have obtained a document which states the origin of the funds. If you fail to comply with these rules, your money may be confiscated. To avoid customs charges, declare items of value like expensive jewellery, photographic and computer equipment.

The latest regulations limit the amount of food and beverages which can be brought into the country to 5l of water, a 1l of alcoholic drink, 2l of non-alcoholic, a kilogram of dried fruits and vegetables and 1kg of purchased foodstuffs.


Persons travelling with expensive electronic equipment such as cameras or computers should list these items on declaration issued by the authorities ( ask if needed) this ensures that they can be taken out upon departure.


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