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Rafting In The World Famous Canyon Of The River Tara

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MONTENEGRO HOSTEL TRAVEL AGENCY organizes rafting on tara river. rafting on tara should not be missed! The tara canyon is the deepest canyon in EUROPE, AND JUST ONE PLACE BEHIND THE GRAND CANYON IN COLORADO, USA, IN THE WHOLE WORLD!


m montenegro-hostel-photo-djurdjevica-tara-bridge-02The Tara canyon is skydiving into the depths of earth, a furrow deeply cut between sky-high mountains, one of the deepest canyons made by river erosion forces in the world, the deepest canyon in Europe, and possibly the most beautiful in the world.

The length of the Tara river is 144 kilometers, the river being born as the confluence of Opasnica and Verusa rivers, giving birth together with Piva, to the Drina river, just beside Scepan Polje (Scepan Field).

The canyon is 78 kilometers long, and its deepest sides are 1300 meters deep. The waters of Tara River are drinkable all the way and its going to give you unforgettable moments, and quite a fantastic feeling during rafting.

The rafting attractions of Tara gained Mark 4, very near to the most attractive rafting-rivers in the world – like Colorado in USA, which gained Mark 5.

Montenegro Hostel Travel Agency organizes two rafting tours: one starts from Budva and Kotor, another starts from Podgorica (capital of Montenegro). Rafting tour costs 70 euros per person which includes transfer, rafting, breakfast and lunch.


The rafting tour starts in front of Montenegro Hostel in Budva, then we pick up guests in Kotor and continue to our first destination Scepan Polje.

The rafting tour starts in starts in front of Montenegro Hostel in Podgorica, and continue to our first destination Scepan Polje.


Start from Budva at 08:00...... Guests pick-up in Kotor at 08:30

Start from Podgorica at 08:00

m montenegro-hostel-photo-djurdjevica-tara-bridge-03

Rafting on Tara River provides exciting, fun and safe adventure for all nature lovers. Tara River's 1300-meter deep canyon is the one of the most beautiful and widest canyons in Europe.


One-day rafting from the Brstanovic camp to Scepan Polje is 18 km long trip that lasts 3 – 4 hours and includes photo shooting opportunities and swimming under waterfalls. This stretch of the trip includes 21 out of 50 cascades that there are on the Tara river such as: Brstanovici, Pecine, very dangerous Celije waterfall, Vjernovicki etc.


We'll drive from Budva and Kotor to Šćepan Polje. When we arrive the breakfast will be served in restaurant on Šćepan polje where we'll get all the equipment. Further drive is with jeeps to the foothill- start point of rafting. During the rafting there are a few stops for swimming.

Arrival to Scepan Polje at 11:00..... breakfast/coffee break 30 minutes


Programme includes: guests welcome at Scepan Polje, preparation for rafting (all guests will be provided with safety belts and rafting outerwear), transportation of guests to and from rafting sites, rafting through the most attractive cascades.

Rafting up to 15:00


Rafting in summer season is slower because Tara is not so fast. White water is not so common. Swimming is possible. Rafting is gained mark 3. After the rafting we will have a great domestic lunch.


After lunck break we will countinue our way back.

Return to Podgorica at 21:00....Return to Budva at 21:00....Return to Kotor 20:30.



Rafting Tour is organized in groups. Minimum group is 4 persons. 

The price includes: transfer (return ticket), rafting, tax for National Park Tara, equipment for rafting, breakfast and lunch (national dishes: fish, barbecue roasted lamb, potato, salad).

Drinks at lunch are not included in price.

Price per person is 70 euros.

All information and reservation about rafting you can get by e-mail montenegrohostel@gmail.com or on reception tour-desks in our hostels.


Montenegro Hostel Team

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