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Durmitor National Park Tour

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MONTENEGRO HOSTEL TRAVEL AGENCY ORGANIZES durmitor TOUR on the most attractive route using canyon of river morača, canyon of river tara, and mt.orjen above boka bay!



m montenegro-hostel-photo-crno jezero 14This tour will present you one of the greatest treasures of Montenegro in the right way. Durmitor National Park. Welcome aboard!

The ones who did their homework and surfed through  the Internet know that this natural beauty is a real eye candy. Its beauties include crystal clear mountain lakes, snowy peaks, pine tree forests and rivers. Most people know it as a home of a Europe's longest  canyon, Tara Canyon. It is 1350 meters deep, and is placed right next to the Grand Canyon by its splendor and length.

Stuff you didn't know, you will see on this tour. The moment we take the right turn from the main road, past Niksic, the landscapes by the side of the road become more mountainous and impervious, and villages get fewer and fewer. As soon as you spot first house with tin, steep roof, Durmitor will show its mysterious charms. You will see incredibly vast pastures, and on them modernized versions of shepherds, which use cars instead of horses, and cell phones instead of horns. You will see amazing techniques of driving the locals use to avoid livestock on the road. You will probably be amazed how climate changes in matter of minutes, from sunny and warm, to windy and cold. And last but not the least, you will be amazed by the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge and possibility to use zip-line above canyon.

If you are interested to take this tour read carefully itinerary of the tour, see photos, read the stories about places we visit and we are sure that you will want to have seat in the bus on amazing Durmitor Tour (Read More about Durmitor National Park HERE



Durmitor National Park tour starts from Kotor and continues to Budva where we will pick up the guests next to the Old Town Budva. Then we will go to the our first destination Monastery Morača located in canyon of river Morača. 

Start from Kotor at 08:00...... Guests pick-up in Budva at 08:30....Guests pick-up in Podgorica at 10:00

m montenegro-hostel-photo-moraca-river-canyon-01

Morača River has one of the most beautiful river canyon in Motenegro which separates Moračke Planine range (Moračke Mountains) range from Sinjajevina Moutain range and covers the south-eastern part of the central region of Montenegro. This canyon is smaller then Tara River Canyon but just impressive.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-moraca-river-canyon-03

Morača River flows southwards some 113 km before emptying into Skadar Lake and plugines to depths of 1000 m in Platije canyon. In its northern part, Morača is fast mountain river. Morača River basin is oriented to the Adriatic Sea while the Tara River basin pertains to the drainage system flowing into the Blak Sea.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-moraca-river-canyon-09

After one hour of passing by canyon we will come to our first destination Monastery Morača, the oldest monastery in Montenegro (12th century). Morača Monastery is set ia a spectactular position right at the beginning of the draded canyon of River Morača. (Read more about Moraca Monastey HERE)

Arrival to Monastery Morača at 11:00.....Visiting monstery 30 minutes

m montenegro-hostel-photo-monastery-moraca-04

The position is further emphasized by the scenic Svetigora waterfall some 25 meters high, plunging noisily just behind the complex, making it one of the famous motifs on many pictures. The monastery was founded in 1251-52 by Price Stefan, son of Vukan and grandson of Stefan Nemanja, the founder of the Nemanjić dynasty.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-monastery-moraca-06

Its main church, dedicated to the Assumption is a fine example of mature Raška style of Serbian medieval ecclesiastical architecture-single nave with a narthex, cupola above the square base, semicircular apse and a chapel each side.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-monastery-moraca-13

After visiting the Monastery Morača we will continue our trip next 18 km to the place Crkvine situated at the altitude of 1040 meters where we will make a break for breakfast. The view from the restaurant on Moracke Mountains is fantastic.

Arrival to Crkvine at 12:00..... breakfast/coffee break 1 hour

m montenegro-hostel-photo-breakfast-on-crkvine-02

After breakfast we will go to famous Djurdjevića Tara Bridge. On our way will pass unique black pine forest located in canyon of River Tara. The first part of Tara’s course that passes through Kolašin and Mojkovac the pleasant meadowland doted with houses and orchards slowly grows narrower while the mountains rise higher. The canyon formally starts at the entrance of the Durmitor National Park, 15 km north of Mojkovac the pleasant meadowland dotted with houses and orchards slowly grows narrower while the mountains rise higher.

(Read more about Tara Canyon HERE)

Photo Stop on Crna Poda 15 minutes

m montenegro-hostel-photo-crna poda 01

The first two kilometres upon entering the national park the road wind through Crne podi, a pristine wood of centuries old black pines. These giants rise up to 50m high and close above the road blocking the sunlight and clinging incredibly to the step rooks high above the river.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-crna poda 08For thousands of years the Tara river has been sculpting and scouring its path through the soft limestone surface, resulting in one the deepest gorges of the world - in some places 1,300 m to the valley. This is the reason why the Tara Canyon is Montenegro’s second enlisted place on the Unesco list for World Heritage Sites.

Arrival to Djurjevica Tara Bridge at 14:00.....Visiting bridge and zipp line up to 1 hour

m montenegro-hostel-photo-tara-river-canyon-07The magnificent bridge over Tara Canyon is named Djurdjevica Tara (pr. Joor-jevee-tcha Tara). We will not use too many words to describe this. Of course, you can try to take photos of the fantastic view that spreads from the bridge.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-djurdjevica-tara-bridge-05

Legendary bridge over Tara river at Djurdjevica Tara village, is 366m long. Widest arc is 150m above the emerald Tara river. If your timing is good you'll see tiny rafts in the canyon below. It has been built between 1938-1940m, just before the WWII.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-djurdjevica-tara-bridge-01

Everyone who love adrenaline adventures can take zip-line over the Tara canyon. Zipp line is 824m long and 152m high. All the guests on our tour can get it for the price of 15 euros. Standard price is 20 euros.

m montenegro hostel photo zipp line over the Tara river canyon 04

After we relax on the bridge, we are going to Durmitor National Park which is 30 minutes ride from the bridge. Besides having one of the deepest canyons, Durmitor national park can also claim to have the highest peek in Montenegro, the Bobotov Kuk (2,582 m). The average elevation of Durmitor is 1,400 m, including 48 mountains over a 2,000 m. In summertime the Durmitor massif is an excellent place for all kinds of active forms of recreation. But in wintertime this is the place to be in Montenegro, with the central ski resort Zabljak (1,465 m above the sea level), the highest town in the Balkan region.

Arrival to Durmitor National Park at 15:30.....Visiting Black Lake  sightseeing 2 hours

m montenegro-hostel-photo-crno jezero 05

The region has a scattering of glacial lakes, each one with its own personality. The largest and most visited is Crno Jezero (Black Lake). The lake is dominated by the rocky peaks of Durmitor on one side, and deep forest on the other; an easy path along the shore allows you to appreciate it from all angles. 

m montenegro-hostel-photo-crno jezero 09

Although it's a popular spot by Durmitor standards, it's still a peaceful place - get there early in the morning to have it all to yourself. Despite the name the waters take on a variety of colours throughout the day. The lakes sometimes splits into two when water levels are at their lowest. A little deeper in the forest, Zminje Jezero (Snake Lake) is smaller, stiller, and darker than Black Lake, and a popular picnic spot.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-crno jezero 13

In summer season guests can swim in to the lake. Montenegro Hostel is the only agency in Montenegro who organize trekking around the Black Lake with the our guides.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-crno jezero 04

Trackking is the part of this tour and lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. Total length of trekking paths are 4 km. 

m montenegro-hostel-photo-crno jezero 03

After visiting Black Lake we will go back to the seacoast passing by Žabljak. This is an unremarkable town in itself, but its location at an altitude of 1450m means it is perfectly placed for visiting both of these scenic delights. The area is refreshingly unspoiled - although there is some skiing in winter, the skiing paraphernalia is restricted to a small area, and in the centre of the range there is almost no visible sign of human activity. Our next stop is traditional restaurant on Durmitor named Nevidio Etno Ethno Village located next to the Nevidio Gorge on the river Komarnica. (Read more about Komarnica HERE)

Arrival to restaurant at 18:00.....Visiting Komarnica sightseeing + lunch break 1 hour

m montenegro-hostel-photo-komarnica-01

Here will have a filling domestic lunch before we continue back to the South.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-komarnica-07

The most fascinating part of Komarnica is its Nevidio Gorge. The name roughly translates as "not seen", faultlessy explaining the phenomenon. The whole panorama on Komarnica's valley is amazing. Gusests can see it just couple of minutes walk far from restaurant, and make excellente photos.

m montenegro-hostel-photo-nevidio-canyon-02After lunck break we will countinue our way back.

Return to Podgorica at 21:00....Return to Budva at 22:00....Return to Kotor 22:30.




35 euros for guests of Montenegro Hostels, 40 euros for other guests.

Durmitor National Park Tour is organized in groups. Minimum group is 4 persons. Entrance fees, breakfast and lunch are not included in price.

Breakfast costs up to 5 euros, lunch costs up to 10 euros.

Entrance fee in the park is 3 euros.

Zip-line costs 15 euros (not reqired).

In total, all tickets, breakfast, lunch and snack will cost you 20-25 euros. But if you want you can use your own food and drink.

The price for the tour includes licensed tour guide on English language.

All information and reservation about Durmitor National Park Tour you can get by e-mail: montenegrohostel@gmail.com

Montenegro Hostel Team 





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