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Rapids of local rivers according to the size of kayak, open a space for adventure, even beyond the main and the best known courses. Naturally rivers: Tara , Morača and Lim and Ibar,  enjoy the deserved and untouchable priority, but the possibility of kayaking down their confluences, during higher water-levels shouldn’t be disregarded. Among them, stand out Ljuča. Komarnica is stream’s section from the Nevidio canyon until the delta into Piva River, Mala Rijeka and Cijevna River, which give away their waters to Morača, although several little rivers during the first spring months surely know to foam as well.


During its entire course ( 124km) Tara represents a wild water, sailable from Opasnica to Šćepan Polje. Certainly, the most interesting part is through the canyon itself, about 85 km in length. Hardest sections are, depending on the water-level, 3-4 degrees of difficulty, and in the canyon there are several places for the rest and overnight stay. The most common combination, both for rafting and kayaking, is whole tour from Splavište, at the bridge Đurđevića Tara to Šćepan polje, or only is most interesting part, which start with Brštanovica’s rapids. It should be mentioned that on the section from Brstica to Splavište, at Đurđevića Tara, for length of 20 km down, decent is forbidden.

Kayaking on Tara is often divided in five sections:

Mateševo-Kolašin , WW I-II+, 10 km

Kolašin –Mojkovac, WW III, 20 km

Mojkovac-Bistrica, WW I-II, 14 km

Bistrica-Splavište, WW III-V, 20 km closed for passage

Splavište –Šćepan Polje, WW I-III, 80 km



Al that is said for the possibility of rafting in the area of Morača’s river stream above Podgoria, stands also for kayak on wild waters. Since kayak is more maneuverable than a big pontoon, and passes much harder, narrower and interesting rapids, the makes Morača an even better field for this adventure. Kayaking down the steepest part of canyon Platije, where several hundred meter high cliffs go down vertically into the water, should not be missed. Morača is a river with the hardest details of rapids in the whole of Montenegro, with three details of WWX during the period of high water-level. Its sections are:

Ljevišta-Dragovića Polje WW IV-V(X), 7 km

Dragovića Polje –manastir Morača, WW IV-V (X), 9 km

Manastir Morača-Međuriječje, WW III+, 6 km

Međuriječje- Dormira, WW III (IV), 12 km

Dormira- Bioče WW I-II (IV, X), 10 km

Bioče –Smokovac WW I-II, 6 km

Smokovac-Podgorica, WW I-II, 6 km



Togehther with Ljuča, Lim river is the second place in Montenegro , considering the length and its 93 kilometers of stream consist mostly of rapids and foam. The best kayaking conditions are from April until June, although Lim is sailable for kayak and rafting during the whole year. Part of the canyon, between Berane and Zaton, with the most difficult WW details, are especially interesting. Lim is most often canoed in following sections:

Ali-paša’s springs –Plavsko Lake, WW I, 17 km

Plavsko Lake Murina, WW III-IV, 10 km

Murina-Andrijevica, WW II (III), 13 km

Andrijevica-Berane, WW I-(III) , 17 km

Berane-Zaton, WW III (V), 6 km

Zaton-Ribarevina, WW I-II, 23 km

Ribarevina-Bijelo Polje, WW II-III, 7 km



This River is not a special challenge for rapid lovers, but there is something that is only this River’s specialty. After the way out of the canyon, running through Ćemovsko polje ( Ćemovsko Field) Cijevna makes a river-bed that reminds of a little canyon and is meandering for kilometers with the width that is hardly bigger that the River itself. And its depth doesn’t pass over few meters.



As it is for rafting, the water-level on all rivers of Montenegro is the basic precondition for kayaking ( only Tara and Lim have suitable amount of water even the driest periods). Some rivers, especially in summer of water level, therefore spring is the best period. Naturally, with bigger amount of water, rapids rise in their strength and beauty, but also in difficulties and levels of danger, therefore it is not necessarily to create a balance between the skills and stream’s possibilities. In the middle of April, rapids of Morača’s upstream are certainly not for beginners.


NOTE: As there for rafting, for kayaking through canyons of Tara and Morača or down rapids of Lim, there is complete accommodation and transportation infrastructure. Along the streams of River Komarnica, Cijevna and Mrtvica camping is possible if you don’t organize some type og private accommodation.

No story about wild waters in Montenegro seems complete without the rapids of Bršatnovica, Borovi, Čelija, and Donja Vjernovica on Tara, as the longest of all local streams. Route difficulties are WW 3-4 u depending on the water level, and the access to Brštanovica is possible by motor vehicles going from Šćepan Polje or by river, coming from Đurđevića Tara.

Several foreign teams, which analyzed potential of local rivers for whitewater kayaking, where unanimous in a review that the best, hardest and most attractive rapids are in the upper stream of Ibar, near Rožaje. Also, they uniquely concluded that these rapids are not recommendable to anyone, because of the large amounts of litter. Al the beauty of the water that foams around you is in vain when you are concentrated on avoiding the automobile wrecks.


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