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River Komarnica and Piva are often considered as one waterway with two names due to the fact that at the place of their confluence Komarnica is several times larger than Piva but the latter is the one that gives the name to the join flow. From its source on the south side of Mt. Durmitor to the Piva Monastery where it changes its name, the flow of Komarnica is characterized by abrupt changes in appearance and direction. It starts as a small stream running from north to south through a wide valley, continues bursting through the magnificent Nevidio Gorge, then as sizable river through a wide canyon, gently turning into calm lake. In its widest and deepest part between Nevidio and Piva its steep eroded limestone walls divide mountain Treskavac in the north from Vojnik in the south, presenting a considerable natural obstacle between the Drobnjak and the Piva clans.

The best starting point for exploring the canyon and its south side is the “Etno selo Montenegro huts in the village of Gornja Brezna ( 24km south of Plužine).From this idyllic setting one can follow several marked trekking paths to Mt Vojnik (1997m), ride a bicycle across this wide tableland or enjoy excellent viewpoints over the canyon, whose depth reaches to 600 meters. The other side of the river is rather inaccessible for all those without a 4x4 vehicle, as there is no road.  One can descend to the calm to the other side to the Borkovići village, but that’s where the asphalt road ends.

The most fascinating park of Komarnica is Nevidio Gorge. The name roughly translates as “not seen”  faultlessly explaining the phenomenon. Here the steam cuts its way between two vertical rocks whose sides draw ever closer and almost meet at the top- at their narrowest they are just a few meters apart, giving an impression that one can leap to the other side. If one didn’t know this gap in the terrain several hundred meters deep could easily be overseen (therefore the name). This incredible wonder of nature since its creation remained unseen by the human eye and was the last gorge in Europe to be explored : the first men to pass it were a group and speleologists 1965. Even to this very day only a couple of hundred people have passed its 3,5 km kilometers of rocks and water, where the temperature drops and the sun rarely breaks through creating a vegetation specific only for this micro region. To embark on this adventure one needs mountaineering equipment, experience and a guide. Those less adventurous can enjoy its mysteriousness best at its beginning near the village of Komarnica.

One arrives here from the direction of Šavnik or Žabljak passing two memorable villages Petnjica and Pošćenje. The former is best known as the place of Vuka Karadžić s ( 1787-1864) family origins. Vuk was the reformer of Serbian alphabet and collector of folk songs and stories, whose father moved to Serbia from here. The peasants from Petnjica still treasure the memory of their illustrations compatriot. The adjacent Pošćenje lies on the slopes next two green lakes and has a fine collection of stećak gravestones scattered around its church. Just around the next curve the scenery changes dramatically: the wide view of the Komarnica valley emerges ending with a precipitous wall of Boljske grede cliffs. Taking the left branch of the forking road will lead you to the short bridge over Nevidio, with fantastic views of its depts.

The right branch descends into the valley passing the Skakavac waterfall, being the highest in Montenegro with its 65m, but existent only during the season of the snow melting. From this side the unequipped tourists can approach the beginning of the Nevidio gorge.


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