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m photos-of-montenegro-hostel komovi 010Together with Durmitor and Prokletije massif, Komovi is one of the most impressive ranges in Montenegro and indeed in the whole of the Dinaric Alps. The mountain is bordered with Tara to the west and Lim to the east from where it ascends to 1900 meters, where a series of smaller plateaus above the forest level make it perfect for katuni, the shepherd’s summer houses of, which are remarkably almost all still in function.From the tableland rise to the bare rocky peaks- Kom Kučki (2487m) to the east west and to the east Kom Vasojevićki (2461 m) both named after clans whose mutual border they form. Komovi are easily accessed by Andrijevica-Kolašin road that winds upwards to Trešnjevik pass, recognizable by the small inn of Savo Lekić. Here you cans sip a drink taste a game delicacy, get information about the area or just enjoy the merry company of the locals. From this point a 6km long gravel road branches out leading to the idyllic grassland plateau of Štavna with shepherd huts and freely grazing flocks of sheep, cows and horses.

This is also the location of the ”Eko katun”, a new complex of ten huts, each with five beds with all the luxuries of civilization.

With its wide vistas to the south and its relative flatness, Štavna is a perfect place to pitch your tents.

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The rugged, inhospitable looking and in some places almost vertical sides of this mountain are a real challenge for climbers.

m photos-of-montenegro-hostel komovi 002The climb to Vasojevićki Kom (2 and the half hours) is somewhat easier, while the one to Kučki Kom ( 3 and the half hours) should only by attempted by experienced climbers and is best achived from its south face.

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There is also nice circular walk around both peaks:from Štavna to Ljuban ridge, then to the source of Crnja river, then below Kučki Kom to the Carine katun at the southern face of the mountain and back along the eastern side. Following a slow pace, the walk will take you a whole day.


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