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kolasinTravelling from the seaside and Podgorica, Kolašin is the first town in the monuments you will come across.  Just and hour’s drive from Podgorica makes a world of difference: at the altitude of 965m, the climate here is much colder while the forests around the town generate a pleasant cool breeze.The hottest summer days are easy to bear, while in the winter there is plenty of snow of the mountains.

The position of the town is fascinating as well: It lies on a plateau between the mountain giants- Bjelasica on the east and Sinjajevina of the northwest. The same plateau is the watershed between Tara that continues northward and Morača that descends to the south. All of this creates potential for Kolašin to become a perfect weekend break for people from the capital and a town with the most promising future in tourism.The town was founded in the mid 17th c. as a Turkish military outpost in the middle of the rebellious clans of Bosna and Herzegovina.

Therefore its history in the next two centuries was comprised of almost innumerable Christian raids on the town and Muslim efforts to submit the highlanders.

Since most of the residents of Kolašin where coverts to Islam from the very same clan they fought against, the fighting was fierce and ruthless providing epic singers on both sides wright ith lots of heroes and their deeds. The town was annexed by Montenegro in 1978, the Muslims moved out and Kolašin started all over again. The central square and couple of streets around it were all that was created in its slow development.

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Disregarding its potential, Kolašin is still just a small mountain town whose sleepy atmosphere is broken only by lively cafe life in which skiers and mountaineers mingle with the locals. The central square, Trg Boraca, is the focus of town life. Its edges are formed by one-storied houses whose stoic appearance warns of the long harsh winters. In its centre is the social-realist monument to the fallen in WWII and behind it a modernist edifice if the local town council that with its sharp angels imitates the rooftops of the neighboring houses.

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Next to the small hotel “Brile” is the seat of the National Park “Biogradska Gora” that covers the most magnificent part of info-center one can obtain maps and souvenirs. Close by is also the tiny Town Museum with an ethnographic collection of the region, collection on history prior to 1941 and the section on the partisans in WWII.

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On the farther side of Trg Boraca stands the tall hotel “Bianca” , pride of the local tourist offer and the classiest meeting spot in town. On the other side of the square is the Četvrte proleterske Street in which most of the towns cafes are concentrated. At the end of the street is another small square and then to its right a mound on which the town church built shortly after 1878 stands.

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The most unusual attraction in Kolašin is its Botanic Garden “Dulovine” on the southern outskirt of the town. The garden is privately owned and quite small  so it doesn’t stick out the other houses. To find it go past the rear of the train station, then past the pine woods and then watch for the sign- the Garden is one of the houses to your left.The owner any your guide through the garden is the amazing Daniel Vincek, enthusiast and Montenegrin mountain buff since he came here 40 years ago.

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His botanical garden presents the flora of continental Montenegro with many rare and endemic species whose life and peculiarities are brought to life by Mr. Vincek’s stories.


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