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Located in fertile valley underneath the craggy Prokletije Mountains with Albania being behind the first peaks to the west and the south, Gusinje finds itself at the end of all roads. This tiny town once had much more importance as it lay on the road to Podgorica. In the 18thc. it was the seat of a country and had 600 houses with 200 shops, but since in 1912 the road was served by the borderline that town lost its importance completely and in the last forty years it dwindled the half size.

The best known monument in Gusinje is the Vizier’s Mosque ( Vezirova džamija) structured in a typical local style and built at the end of the 17th century by Mehmed-pasha Bushati, the Turkish vizier of Shkoder ( today Albania). Curiously, the graves of the town’s fallen communists are located in the mosque’s yard. If you take a short walk a short through Gusinje you will notice many fine example of Balkan-oriental houses and some of the towers also, but all in a state of utter neglect. It is interesting to notice that small place has catholic and an orthodox church as well. The most famed spot for picnics in the vicinity of Gusinje are the illustrious All-pasha’s Springs (Ali-pašini izvori) 2 km to the south of town.

In this remarkable place one has an impression that water is coming from all sides carried by number of streams and spilling all over the field. The streams remain cold throughout the year as they provided with water from the melting snow-caps. The spring got their name after famous local hero Ali-pasha of Gusinje, who led the resistance against the Montenegrin annexation of the area in 1878-81. On every August the 2nd, on the day of St Elijah (Ilindan), all people originating from Gusinje gather here in celebration, a spontaneous outburst of folklore, sorrow for the homeland left behind a display riches gained abroad ( mostly in the USA and Germany). 


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