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Holding a central position in East Montenegro, this giant of the mountain can be seen from all around. Its main ridge spans 29km from Mojkovac to Andrijevica with its highest peak being Crna Glavaat 2,139m. The mountain got its name after the snow-caps on its tops which remain gleamingly white (bijela) during the most of the year. Eastern part of the mountain is protected as the “Biogradska gora” National Park with Biogradsko jezero Lake as its central and most easily accessible feature. 

 To reach it look for a green sign announcing the park some 14km from Kolašin in the direction of Mojkovac; take a right turn immediately after the sign across a narrow bridge. The road climbs 3km through a deep virgin forest where trees as tall as 60m and up to 500 years old block almost all sunlight. The road ends on the shore of Biogradsko jezero (1,094m) with is tranquil green water surrounded by unspoiled forest of unspoiled forest of maple, birch, fir and 84 other tree species. Here one can find souvenir and the map shop a restaurant and several small cabins that can be rented. On the shore of the lake of the lake is also a pier with boats for rent. The lake is surrounded with a 3,5km long trail suitable for easy, relaxing walk passing over several bridges and pontoons snaking across many streams feeding the lake. Fishing is allowed but only on Tuesdays and Sundays with a proper license. The catch is limited to three pieces. Fishing on the other lakes on Mt Bjelasica is not allowed.

Ski center Jezerine is located some 8 km to the east of Kolašin. A rather bumpy road leads to a spacious parking lot. The center has five ski-lifts, one double chaired, three gondolas and a baby lift with one gondola working also in the evenings. There are also two restaurants here offering a range of cooked dishes at slightly higher prices than in Kolašin. The ski slopes of Jezerine are well kept and can be quite demanding with some descends reaching the gradients of up to 60 degrees; for the less experienced there is mid-way station.

Approximately one hour climb uphill from Jezerine lies Eko katun Vranjak, a group of 21 small cottages built to resemble the nearby traditional shepherds’ lodgings. The cottages are directly below the peak Trojeglava  (2,072 m) from which is open magnificent views  southwards and eastwards. Vranjak is also an ideal starting point for hiking to the other major peaks of Bjelasica.

Mt Bjelasica offers excellent conditions for hiking with its various changing terrains such as deep forests, clear grassy pastures and rocky peaks. Many clear springs provide plenty of water and its woods offer shelter from the sun in hot summer days. All together there are ten marked hiking trails with most of the tours starting from Kolašin or Mojkovac and some from the side of Berane and Andrijevica. The shortest way to Crna glava peak is from Jezerine by the way of Zekova glava and Pašića jezero (3h), while the route from Lake Biogradsko across Dolovi Lalevića and Svatovsko groblje takes 4 hours. Apart from the peaks the usual destinations for hikers are five glacial lakes of Bjelasica, the most scenic being Pešića jezero ( 1820m) and somewhat smaller Ursulovačko jezero (1895m). On the mountain there are five mountain huts all run by societies from the surrounding towns. Some are pretty old while others are brand new up to the highest standards in their class.


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