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The miniature shanty town lies on a small plateau overlooking the river Lim. Even at its height of 800m above sea level it is still overshadowed with high mountains covered in deep green forests. In the Middle Ages a church was built here by Andrija, a prince of the offshoot branch from the Nemanjić dynasty. His church called Andrijevna survived until 1765 when it was leveled to the ground during a Turkish punitive expedition against the Vasojevićki clan, which inhabits this area. When Montenegro acquired control over the Vasojevići in the mid of 9th c, the ground of the valley of Lim, where previously stood Andrijevna Church, became once again an interesting site for a centre of a rural region which had no other town at all grew one house at a time. Between the two World Wars it grew even faster as the seat of large country was located here. This continued until in 1960 all of the administration was transferred to Berane or Plav and the town started slowly to die out.

All the town’s amenities are located in its main street which also serves as the road from Berane to Plav. Side by side stand half-ruined houses of traditional design with white-painted walls and shingled roofs, socialist apartment blocks and half finished family houses of newer origin. In front of its few shops one can often see small mountain horses patiently waiting for their master to finish his shopping. However, even such small backwater town is undoubtedly the most important settlement around and is therefore a convenient place to stop for supplies before beginning a trip to the mountains surrounding it, the most notable amongst them being Komovi. The only historical monuments in Andrijevica is Knjaževac , a nice park whose main feature is a stone church built by prince Nikola in 1887. Facing it are two monuments: the smaller one with an eagle atop erected in memory to the fallen in 1912-1918 wars while the other, more abstract commemorates the inhabitants of the area who died in WWII. 


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