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Mountain Rivers like Tara, Lim and Morača especially in their canyon areas full of rapids that call and attract, boil in bubbles and outshine with intensity. From the other side, the calmness of Skadar Lake, Zeta and upper stream of Morača seem as if it calms down and hushes, collected adrenaline, calls on peace and relaxes senses. Here, on the grip, are regular asphalt roads that pass by everything, familiar to this water adventures’ lovers for a long time.


Rafting down the Tara River is a trademark of the local tourist offer, not without reason. One of the most beautiful canyons on the planet, about 85 km long, is mostly passed in two or three days, while adventure starts at location Splavište, few kilometers downstream from the bridge over Đurđevića Tara. To this place you can arrive from three directions-Mojkovac, Pljevlja and Žabljak. First session relates mostly to rafting down from Splavište to Radovanova luka, and then from Radovanova luka to Brštanovica and the third one is from Brštanovica, with difficulties rated from three to four WW, depending on the water quantity. In a place called Lazin Kamen, Tara is the narrowest, only four meters wide and also deepest ( about 16 meters), while the canyon cliffs reach the greatest heights, around 1300 m, at Bajlović Sige. Since there us a carriage-road to Brštanovica, one-day rafting tours are often organized from Brštanovica to Šćepan Polje, which are the essence of adrenaline and enjoyment in the fastest River section. Places for rest and sleep are organized camps and a motel in Radovan Luka.



Considering fast waters, rafting on the Morača is possible from Međurječje, that is , from the junction of the Mrtvica into the Morača, depending on water level. From there to Podgorica, rapids whirlpools, gulfs, cliffs and caves, beaches and canyon fragments are interchanging. The easiest access to water and limits of potential sections are in Međugorje, Duga, Bioče, Smokovac and Podgorica, where from the river already much calmer, continues through Zetska Ravnica ( Zeta’s lowland) on skadar Lake.



Lim is suitable for rafting all along its stream through Montenegro and considering the inhabitation of its shores, it is possible to choose start, finish and length of sections, according to almost everyone’s desire. Besides segments of the River’s canyon, beneath  Berane and Bijelo Polje towards Brodarevo, the River is not characterized by long continuing rapids, therefore is represents a combination of calm and strong mountain stream. Unfortunately, River Lim is almost completely unexploited by rafters in Montenegro.




Considering the seasonal difference in the water-level, the same River section may seem completely different, depending on a period of the year. Show melting in spring brings new water masses to streams, rising their level and making them incomparably stronger and more powerful. For thise with more knowledge and experience, this is the time of enjoying in adrenaline of the River at its peak. The water-level falls during summer months and at the beginning of autumn, making streams so much lower that they are accessible for most recreational rafters. During the years of strong big droughts, some streams decrease so much that they seem more like system of connected swamps, than a River whose whirlpools you should be afraid of. This is especially characteristic for Morača, while Tara and Lim reduced, have enough water during whole year.


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