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As one location paragliding fanatic said, terrain is wherever a hill with a little valley on the side exists, and in Montenegro, that means everywhere. Some slopes, especially ones above the sea shore, are popular because of the combination of heights, landscape beauty and easy access to the take off areas, especially landings on some of beaches. Other locations demand more hiking and caring of the equipment, but they derive an adventure worth every drop of sweet. The adventure of sky silence over mountain’s tranquility, flying over ground that is rarely walked over.


Probably the most popular take off area in Montenegro, both because of the easy access to the start, as well as the possibility to fly over Budva Riviera. The start is at 750 m  of altitude, which short and rocky flying field of small inclination. Wind stronger than 4 m/s causes a lot of turbulence at the start, which is combination with the take off area makes this location not so suitable for beginners. The most frequent zone for landing is Bečići Beach, and the slope is mostly south oriented.



Paštrovska gora

To take-off area is on a wide slope, overgrown with grass, in Bijele Poljane, close to the Adriatic Road. The start is at 687 m above the sea-level, the slope’s orientation is dominantly southern and unlike take of areas in Brajići, it is very suitable for less experienced pilots. From the very beginning, it is reachable by car, and the landing zone is a beach is Buljarice.



Radoštak dominates over Herceg Novi and Risan Bay, as Orijen’s narrowest cliff. A take-off area is at 1450 m of altitude, pretty rocky and short, situated about two hours of walk from Motel Borići. Slope is mostly south oriented, and a landing zone is most often Sutorina of the beaches in Zelenika and Igalo. A little bit underneath there is take of area in Dizdarica, at around 850 m of altitude, which the same slope characteristics and landing zone.


Savin Kuk

Durmitor is not lacking paragliding terrains, question is whether you are in a mood to carry the equipment on your back. For those without these ambitions, flying field on Savin Kuk is a perfrct solution. Under the very field, at 2300m of altitude, arrival is arranged by cable car, and when it’s not operational, there is a good mountain path. East and south-east oriented slope is opened to the upland of Jezera and represents a start of the south barrier of the entire massif. Landing zone is beneath, at 1480 m of altitude.



Popadija is a peak on Prokletije, on the Albanian border. It takes two hours to reach this peak by path that starts at Grbaja mountain home. Flying field is wide and grassy, at about 200m above the sea level and depending on the wind direction it is possible to glide over the north or east slope. Landing zone is a big field, very near at home, but considering the closure of the valley, you should count on pretty strong turbulence. During the landing, be mindful of the local transmission line located in the middle of the valley, in the north-east direction. Flying here is maybe the easiest way to understand why many consider Grbaja valley to be the most beautiful in Montenegro.



Considering the strength and frequency of the winds, the most pleasant period for paragliding in Montenego  is summer. That doesn’t mean that this sport should be forgotten in other seasons. Although there are far less days with optimum weather forecast, autumn colors of the woods or glistening of the snow covered areas is pretty good to be patient and wait good flying conditions.


NOTE: Although there is officially no standardized fee for paragliding in this area, to be on the legal side of carefree flying, you should always carry a verified license with you.


It can be odd, but many power lines and electrical transmission systems are not all or are wrongly identified on maps. For a paragliding pilot who wishes to mingle with local birds it is very important to examine a complete planned flight path on his own, from the take-off to the landing zone. It is one thing to mingle with little feathery in the sunbathed air, another altogether to be on the wire under high voltage.


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