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In Montenegro there is terrain for all MTB version and disciplines, except arranged park for trial acrobatics. Mountain paths and woodland roads for those that enjoy in breakneck descents, combined cross country shares, long asphalt, macadam and combined paths, all of that somewhere near your destination. Finally, in 2007 several biking tours were include in the official tourist offer, among which are Nikšić-Bijela-Trsa-Brštanovica, round tour around Durmitor, Kolašin-Rikavačko Lake-Podgorica and Virpazar –Ostros-Ulcinj.

Nikšić-Bijela-Trsa- Brštanica

With a total length of about 140km, this tour is one of the longest in Montenegro. It is attractive, because it passes by the most beautiful canyons, Bijela, Komarnica, Sušica and Tare and also through more and more deserted areas of Drobnjak and Piva. Driving is mostly on asphalt, partly on macadam parts, and it takes two to three days.


Ring around Durmitor

The road around Durmitor is a very demanding day-long tour, 86 km long. It follows a line of asphalt and macadam roads that embrace this mountain massif, starting and ending in Žabljak. The silence of the canyon Sušice, verticals of Tara canyon, coolness of sprucewoods of Montenegro and Štuoc, sunbath grasslands of Dobri Dol, Sedlana Greda, Vjetrena Brda ( Windy Mounts) and wideness of Jezerska Visoravan ( Lakes Upland) are just some of the fairy tales that you will enjoy.


Kolašin-Rikavačko Lake-Podgorica

It is interesting that a local tourist development planer imagined this tour in a reversed direction. Naturally, the tour can be done in that direction, but with far more pointless effort. It is 93 km long, driven in one long and exhausting day of two relaxed days. Its 4255m of climbs and descents mostly recommended this other option, with sleeping in Rikavac or curvature Širokar. You will be able to see the first waves of Tara, rocks and grasslands, of Kuči Mountains, green reflections of Rikavačko Lake and stone peace of Cijevna canyon.


Podgorica-Rijeka Crnojevića-Virpazar-Ostros-Ulcinj

One of the most popular tours in Montenegro will lead you along the south shores of Skadar lake, a postcard picture area. Altogether 110 km long, it is a real waste to rush through this tour for a day. Choose the autumn sun and its palette of colors, plan sleeping in Virpazar and experience the magic of water lilies, long boats, chestnut woods and sea waves and dessert. The other part of this tour has entered the list of the most representative, and the view on Skadar Lake from Pavlova strana, above Rijeka Crnojevića, it is reason enough to drive 54 km more. But is certainly not the only one.



Summer is usual time for spinning pedals along mountain roads and paths, and the Skadar Lake surrounding and areas around Podgorica, Nikšić and Cetinje are most pleasant during spring and autum. Huge number of sunny days make mountain biking in Montenegro is possible almost during whole year, the tours only need to be scheduled. It can be a downhill, trial, cross-country or usual cruising in the area on two wheels. If only it would not rain.


NOTE: Basic narrowly defined zones in national parks, where bans on any kind of means of transport, except your own feet, are effective, all other highways, roads, and paths in Montenegro are open to cyclist. Passing through large and controlled tunnels is forbidden, and although it means prolonging the road for kilometers up and down the hill, this rule should respected.

Most MTB tours are situated along carriage-roads of different quality all over the Montenegro. Some pass through places where people are fewer and fewer. One these roads, not only there is no crowd, but hours will be pass before you come across to anyone. In the area of Komovi that belongs to Kuči, Maganik, Sinjajevina, etc, places where shepherds’ call echoes are every so scarcer, silence is occasionally disturbed only by howling wolves. Bike ride is an occasion to discover a life in area that slowly disappearing.


Stay away from automobiles and motorists. Some have the odd tendency to treat cyclists not as an equal participant in traffic but as a disturbance and hassle. Because of that unbelievable intolerance, a cyclist can easily find himself in a trench of shrub by the road.


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