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Speleo diving, the most demanding and dangerous mix of underground and underwater enjoyment, the mostly divided into two categories-dives in surface springs and wells, whose canals are continuing further trough the underground, and diving in syphons, lakes and streams inside the speleological objects. The first versions is means easier access and logistic, but deeper, longer and more complicated diving, while in the other case diving is often in service of passing some permanently or temporarily sunken object’s segments, starting and ending in the darkness and the coldness ofcave.

By now, in Montenegro, cave diving has usually been done in both ways, mostly within international speleological activities and expeditions. Cave divers’ attention has been drawn by Savino oko, Priokletije, source Jama in canyon Mrtvica, estevela Gurdić in Kotor, line on underwater sources in Skadar Lake- Karuč, Raduš, ponds in Malo blato etc. The end of any of them wasn’t reached, for example, in Savino oko it was dived up to 64 m of depth, without indications of near end. This form of cave diving is becoming increasingly popular, while dives in speleological sites have been, until now, done in the caves above Vražji virovi and Duboki do on Lovćen Mountain.



For diving in springs on the surface, considering the outside weather conditions, the most suitable period in summer, while for activities inside the sites the situation is a bit different. In the caves and caverns, whose dimensions and magnitudes represent a greater danger from flow burst after copious rainfalls on the surface, it is recommended to dive during winter, when low temperatures freeze most drain canals and cut the waters’ break through into the underground. While choosing the speleological diving terrain you should keep in mind the regulations that are pretty undefined in this area. That especially refers to diving inside the National Park Skadar Lake, where local authorities will prevent your access or allow you to dive, depending on their own will more than on the existing written rules. In principle, it is necessarily to get an approval from the National Park, but is not excluded that bureaucracy labyrinth will appear somewhere else.


NOTE: Savino oko in the Ropojana valley has for long been the inevitable part of every visit to Prokletije. It seems like its emerald color is spilling over the banks and hypnotizing with its unreal appearance. To dive in it rounds up the story, regardless of the temperature of 4˚C


When making diving plans in the spring of Skadar Lake, it also good consider the modified socio-demographic conditions on its shores. Some interesting locations, like the surroundings of the Karuč spring, where turned into a polygon for demonstrating the financial power and bad architectural taste of nouveaux-riches. If you wish to dive here, it would be wise for you to get all possible licenses and to watch out for local poachers Believe it or not, their favorite fishing tool is dynamite.


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