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Surrounded by stone block of rocks, few meters tall, with interesting combinations of several moves, you are losing excuses for not going climbing. You will always be able to find some spare time for this, it doesn’t demand distant travel, not especially trained partner or some special equipment. Wherever you go, whether you wish for something easy, to warm up your hands, or you don’t have anything against spending few days in solving one same problem, some little boulder will always be there for you. Although, this discipline is very well known to climbers who have climbed all over Montenegro, they understand it as a secondary activity and that seems to cause their reckless attitude towards the boulder problems.

Climbed boulders are mostly located in the centers of climbing activities, like Prokletije, Žijevo or Durmitor. Especially known are boulders in the Grbaja valley on Prokletije Mountain, which are for years, the climbers’ only solace when the rain forces them to postpone some of the great climbing routers. They are situated along the valley, a few hundred meters away from the mountain home of Mountain Association “ Radnički”, and are up to three meters high, while previously climbed routes’ difficulty rangers from V4 to V7. Unfortunately, none of these routes have been named. The same is with the boulder in the Komarnica valley, beneath the Bokeljske grede, but also with all local mountains and mountain valleys. The exceptions are boulders near Alipašini izvori at Gusinje, where german climbers, during equipping of the free climbing polygon in May 2008, have marked few boulder problems of lower difficulties.



If the answer to the question “where” is “almost everywhere”, then also to the question “when” you can answer “almost always”. If the winter and snow is covering the mountain boulders during winter, than ones at the coast or in Podgorica surroundings are available. If you can’t even sleep because of summer heat, let alone climb, then the mountain areas represent the peak of the bouldering season. In Montenegro you can always find, in a couple of hours drive at most, some boulder where it doesn’t snow or rain, and the temperature is just like it should be.


NOTE: In the Grbaja valley, or so called “other meadow”, there are several interesting boulders and above them arching crags of Maja Hekurit, Koplje and Prestola.


As much as it seems attractive climbing is not always looked at benevolently, so if the climbers on high crags are at safe distance from ones that know a million reason why climbing shouldn’t be done, boulder climbers are not that lucky. If it bothers you to hear “expert” comments from onlookers, while you are trying and falling off that the same spot for the thousandth time, than avoid boulders on frequently visited location on those inside the suburbs.


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