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Base Jumping

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Base jumps are being made on natural locations or building that, by their height and inclination, provide safe fall and parachute opening. Although lower limit goes around 40m, the most interesting jumps require at list few hundred meters. Except the chimney of power plant in Pljevlja, in Montenegrin cities there are no buildings for the safe jumps. On the other side, its mountains and canyons don’t lack in heights suitable for base jumpers. Bridges on Đurđevića Tara and over Mala Rijeka, have already heard of the sound of parachute opening.

The railway bridge over Mala Rijeka, with its height of 224m, is the one of the highest bridges in Europe. Problems for jumping can be wind that is frequent in the canyon, as well as rocky and small landing. The bridge in Đurevića Tara is 156m meters high (the biggest arcade) and landing is on the small islands in the river formed while low water in summers. It is interesting to mention that there were jumps made from the second arcade, 45 meters high.

Except bridges, all the other Montenegrin base jump location is situated on the mountain rock faces. So far, there have been jumped on Prokletije and Durmitor mountains, from Djevojačka stijena in Raopojana  valley and Savin Kuk. Djevojačka stijena (maiden’s rock) is characterized by 700, of elevation, overhanging nature of upper rock part, relatively undemanding exit and spacious and flat landing. That promote it intro, so far, most attractive base jump location, especially since the jumps with wing suite here lasts cca 25 seconds. As potentially interesting, there are also Ćurovac over Tara canyon, Boljske grede and Prokletije’s peaks Presto,Koplje and Maja Vojušit.


Although the discipline could take place in any season, calm weather is obligatory condition. In the spot, where the slightly stronger wind can lead to disaster, good weather forecast is indispensable.

NOTE: Just received sport parachutist’s license here worth’s nothing, only the experience of very many jumps can prepare you for this adventure.


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