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rijeka crnojevića

Rijeka Crnojevića is a name of very small town on the waterfront of the river of the same name. The sleepy townlet constitutes of a single street and the recently renovated embankment both extending along the river. The town’s origins lie on the hill on the other bank where in 1478 Ivan Crnojević transferred his seat to the castle of Obod. Today its place is taken by a small monastery and several houses. The first houses in Rijeka Crnojevića were built at the beginning of the 19th century , as the river which is navigable all the way from its mouth in Skadarsko Lake was the easiest way to bring good of Cetinje and the rest of Montenegro.

The locality became a marketplace for the adjacent villages and developed quickly. Although the town was roughly of the same size as it is today, it was Montenegro’s second most important until 1878 and the liberation of the lowlands. It had a regular boat connection with other places on Lake Skadarsko, a royal summerhouse two hotels and many merchant stores but all of this disappeared after Second World War when it creased to be seat of the local administrations and the boat traffic became less important.

All the remains from its heyday are several picturesque old houses but its main attractions are surely the two stone bridges. The older one is a particularly picturesque sight with its asymmetrical looks and two wide arches. It was built by Prince Danilo in 1852 at the place of wooden one which was the work of his predecessor Petar II. The house next to it was used as Danilo’s dwelling when he stayed here. The new bridge dates from 1900 and looks much more sober. The road passing across it leads to Virpazar, 24 km of winding track through thick shrub and several small villages. A few meters away from the old bridge stands the house of St Peter of Cetinje, possibly one of the first houses in the town. Renovation has removed almost all the markings of its antiquity except the unusual design that survives, but you will easily recognize it for the cross above the entrance to the yard. The house is used as dwellings for the local monks. It was here that in 1973 a sawmill was founded as the first industrial enterprise in Montenegro.

The river Rijeka Crnojevića is one of the rare waterways in the world which is navigable after only kilometer of its flow. Many of the boats tied to the shores offer rides to Virpazar and around Lake Skadarsko.


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