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The most renowned and most visited trekking destination in Montenegro are Durmitor, Orjen, Prokletije, Komovi,  Kuči Mountains, Bjelasica, Maglanik and Morača Mountains. Good traffic connections, the existence of mountain administrative and tourist centers at their bases and relative recognition of their routes, place these mountains in the first line of Montenegro mountaineering offer. Although you can meet most mountaineers here, proportionally, mountains are still far from being overcrowded. The combination of isolation and companionship is still possible on their slopes, according to individual desire and mood.

The lanscape of Montenegro is extraordinarily varied primarly for the reason that from sea level to the top of the coastal mountains there is no more than a few kilometers by air and from the sea to the main chain of the High Dinaric Alps, with peaks up to 2,500 m, no more than 50km. The same conrast is to be observed in the climate, with conditions changing from the region to the other forming specific associations of flora and fauna.

Starting from usual understanding of alpinism as the adventure of climbing high rocks, Montenegro could easily be described as a God-given land for this kind of mountaineering. Almost all its mountains have at least 100m high boulders, and even that height is exceeded by its canyons verticals, while the diversity of climbed and potential routes covers almost all known alpine categories. Most known and attractive alpine destination in Montenegro are Prokletije and Durmitor, or which there are as many paths in dry boulders, lines in snow, ice or mix. Žijevo and Orijen, thanks to the good quality and attractiveness of their boulders, are becoming more and more visited summer climbs, while Komovi keeps the reputation of a classic winters climb. Canyons of Tara, Piva,Komarnica,Morača, Mrtvica, Cijevna and Lim, as a treasury of uncountable high rocks are still almost untouched, with only few climbed routes.

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